Chapter 910 - F*ck, This Mister Is Very Handsome!

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Chapter 910: F*ck, This Mister Is Very Handsome!

Yan Qingsi was still feeling muddled, at the moment. She was staring at the lotus style chandelier above her head before she heard someone talk. She thought that the decorative patterns on the ceiling were very pretty. Yan Qingsi was still wondering could it be that…she has really arrived in heaven? Impossible, with the methods she used against those villains, how could God possibly accept her?

Xia Anlan’s voice brought her back to reality.

His voice made Yan Qingsi felt like her entire body had been placated. All her restlessness and anxiety were washed away in an instant.

She wanted to see the person in front of her clearly, but his face always seemed a little fuzzy.

Before opening her eyes, Yan Qingsi felt like she had been walking in the darkness for a long time. She did not know what was ahead but only knew that it was very dark and she was desperately trying to get out. Exhausted from the walking, she squatted down, hugging her aching knees. Just as she was about to take another step forward, a beam of light appeared before her. Yan Qingsi stood up and discovered that she was in front of a bottomless cliff. If that light came any later, she might have fallen into it.

Yan Qingsi patted her chest in relief. This incident shocked her so much that she suddenly opened her eyes and was awaken.

Listening to that pleasant voice, Yan Qingsi was puzzled whether she was still alive.

That voice spoke again, “How are you feeling? Are you…still feeling breathless? Any chest pains?”

Yan Qingsi blinked a few more times before she could finally see that face in front of her clearly. It was an unfamiliar face yet she inexplicably did not put up her defense against him.

It was unprecedented for her to not have her guards up against a stranger who she met for the first time. In fact, she felt an indescribable familiarity toward him.

In the past, regardless of who Yan Qingsi met as long as it was a stranger, she would be wary of them. Even if they were treating her well, just like Mrs. Yue and Yue Tingfeng. Initially, she would be cautious of them, making sure they were harmless before finally accepting them into her life.

But toward this stranger… Yan Qingsi did not feel insecure, hence she did not even consider guarding against him.

The stranger smiled warmly at Yan Qingsi and said, “How are you feeling now?”

Yan Qingsi’s eyes widened a little after seeing him clearly. All she could only think of was ‘F*ck, this mister is very handsome, and his voice is so pleasant.’

He exuded an inexplicable ancient scholarly aura from his presence. Despite exceeding his golden age, he still managed to retain his charms. Yan Qingsi did not feel any repulsion toward him throughout the time spent with him. Instead, she felt much more amiable towards him, the more she looked at him.

Xia Anlan was worried as Yan Qingsi did not utter a word. He turned around and commanded, “Summon the doctor immediately.”

Yan Qingsi licked the corners of her mouth. “I…” Her voice was hoarse, and her throat was still aching. She touched her neck and wanted to sit up.

The man standing by the bed reached out to help Yan Qingsi, however Xia Anlan’s indifferent eyes glanced against him and he immediately withdrew his hands.

Xia Anlan reached over to lift Yan Qingsi and placed a pillow behind her.

Yan Qingsi strenuously asked, “Where…am…I?”

“Drink some water first.” Xia Anlan reached out his hand and someone immediately handed him a glass of water. He held it toward Yan Qingsi, trying to feed her. She hurriedly held up her hands. “I…can do it myself…”

Xia Anlan smiled and put the glass in her hand. As a result, the moment Yan Qingsi held onto the glass, she lost her grip and caused the cup to slip. Xia Anlan seemed to have expected that to happen and immediately reached out to catch it. “Let me do it. You just woke up and your body is still too weak.”

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