Chapter 911 - The Handsome Mister Touched My Head

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Chapter 911: The Handsome Mister Touched My Head

The current Yan Qingsi practically had not much strength in her body. Both her hands could not even hold onto a cup of water. She needed to expend a great amount of effort just to lift a cup.

Yan Qingsi awkwardly drank two sips of water. She was now accustomed to Mrs. Yue and Yue Tingfeng feeding her, but not others… Moreover from an unfamiliar mister. Inevitably, she would feel a little uncomfortable.

While Yan Qingsi was busy feeling awkward, she overlooked the shocked expression of the person standing beside the bed with his eyes nearly protruding out from their sockets.

He was surprised and wondered about the identity of this woman capable of enjoying such grandeur treatment. How could she have no qualms and be so undisturbed about it? Did she not recognize that person who was sitting in front of her? Otherwise, it could be that they…they…

He felt his admiration toward the mister had dwindled a little today as he buried his thoughts in his mind.

Yan Qingsi took two sips of water and her throat felt better. She asked, “Mister… Who are you? Didn’t…I… Didn’t I fall into the water? Could it be that I didn’t die… I am alive?”

There was a gap in Yan Qingsi’s memory during her drowning ordeal. She remembered that the water was too cold. As she recalled about her attempted murder by the underwater shadow, she started trembling.

She subconsciously touched her neck and felt some pain. That was…that was the aftermath of being strangled.

She was fortunate that the black shadow did not stab her with a knife while she was underwater. It was probably because the blood would have stained the waters red and alerted the people above. Hence, that person chose to strangle her instead.

Xia Anlan placed the cup down. A sharp glint flashed across his eyes as he saw Yan Qingsi’s neck. He reverted to his warm smile and said, “You are alright now. You had a mild fever and there was a slight lung inflammation initially. I will get the doctor to give you another checkup if you still have any discomfort.”

“I-I…” Yan Qingsi touched her belly out of hunger. As she was about to eat while looking at the handsome mister’s smiley face before her, she got distracted. Some TV news images suddenly floated across her mind. She got frightened immediately that her body jolted back.

“Wait… I-I find you rather familiar-looking? Mister… Y-You…”

The more Yan Qingsi spoke the more she noticed the resemblance. As she gasped for breath, her hands were shivering and her heart clenched in fear. She ended up choking and started coughing.


Xia Anlan noticed Yan Qingsi’s face turning very red from coughing and sharply spoke, “Why is the doctor not arriving?”

He reached out his hand and patted Yan Qingsi’s back. His motion frightened her and she hurriedly said, “Can you…not…touch me please? You…look…just like…just like him? It’s not true, is it?”

Yan Qingsi was hoping he was just a look-alike and not the actual person. Otherwise, she might prepare mentally to accept this reality.

Xia Anlan froze for a moment, smiled and gently rubbed Yan Qingsi’s head while saying, “I am Xia Anlan.”

Those four[1] words had killed the last bit of hope Yan Qingsi had.

Yan Qingsi was speechless. How could she even be connected with this big shot[2]?

Why was this big shot guarding by her bedside when she woke up from her drowning ordeal? Just what kind of social status did she even have for this to happen?

Yan Qingsi was suddenly aware of the reason she felt amicable toward this mister whom she did not felt cautious with. She also realized the reason she felt he was handsome.

It was not because of his appearance. It was entirely due to his temperament and charisma. He was…that big shot…whom the whole country revered. If you had to see his face every time you watched the news on TV, would you not also feel amicable toward him?

‘Ah…he just stroked my head, why is my face flushed?’

She had been calling him mister all these while, would she be locked in prison[3]?

There was a voice whispering in her ear, “No. Don’t be afraid, no one can lock you up.”

[1] Original text refers was ‘five’ chinese characters sentence ‘我是夏安澜’, but since we combined Xia Anlan’s name into two word for english translation, it would sound much more logical to use the phrase ‘four words’ instead.

[2] An idiom was used here, the direct translation was ‘even using eight bamboo sticks will never reach’ which means it’s not possible for Yan Qingsi to be related to that mister at all.

[3] Original text refers to a little black house (小黑屋). It is most likely slang for prison.

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