Chapter 912 - The Number One Male Idol of the Country

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Chapter 912: The Number One Male Idol of the Country

Yan Qingsi gulped. She was vexed with herself. Why did she always unwittingly spew out whatever that was going on in her mind when she got nervous?

“I…You…Ugh. I don’t know what to say.” Yan Qingsi scratched her head. She had plenty of questions, but she did not know what to say the moment she opened her mouth.

This was almost like a dream, having someone she would never hallucinate of meeting standing before her. Yan Qingsi pinched herself. It hurt. This was real?

In that case, what miracles had taken place when she had drowned, to allow her to meet the undisputable number one male idol of the country? Yan Qingsi simply knew that even stronger and influential people would not be able to remain calm in such a situation.

Yan Qingsi checked her forehead. She was not having a fever. She pulled the blankets over her face. “No, no. I’m a little confused right now. I probably stayed in the water for too long and something went into my brain. I… I need to calm down, calm down…”

The smile on Xia Anlan’s face was gentle and affectionate as he observed Yan Qingsi’s antics. It felt as though he was looking at his younger sister when he looked at Yan Qingsi.

The door was pushed open; the doctor entered. However, no one dared to step forward when they saw Xia Anlan.

“Sir, it’s time,” Xia Anlan’s new secretary whispered, “we’re going to be late if we don’t make a move now.”

Xia Anlan’s smile dimmed. He extended his hand and gently patted Yan Qingsi’s head. “You’re awake. That’s such a relief for me. Rest well and have something to eat later. I’ll come to see you soon.”

Yan Qingsi allowed part of her face to peek over the blankets. “You…”

“I know you have a lot of questions. Don’t get anxious over them. The important thing for you to do now is to rest up. The doctor said that your physical state has not been very healthy for a prolonged period of time. This isn’t good. Don’t think about anything else. Just rest first.”

Yan Qingsi’s mouth twitched. “I—”

The moment she got that one word out, her stomach began to gurgle. Yan Qingsi was so embarrassed that she could not find anything to say.

Xia Anlan widened his smile. “Let the doctor conduct a checkup on you first. You can have your meals if there are no problems.”

He glanced toward the doctor behind him, who quickly stepped forward.

The doctor inspected Yan Qingsi’s body temperature, tongue, and eyes. They revealed no complications. He wheeled around and faced Xia Anlan. “There are no problems with her health, but she should maintain a light diet for now,” he said.

Xia Anlan bobbed his head. “There’ll be someone to serve her food soon. I’ll take my leave first. I’ll come back later.”

Yan Qingsi gulped, belatedly nodding her head.

Yan Qingsi lay on the bed like a log after Xia Anlan and the others left. She smacked her own face. Was she actually awake?

“Am I dreaming?” Yan Qingsi craned her head and asked the nurse.

“No. This is real,” the nurse replied, smiling.

Yan Qingsi clapped her palms over her face. She was not dead. She had not met God. However, she had met someone who surprised her even more than God.

Yan Qingsi did not believe that there was kindness without a cause in this world. What on earth was the reason she ended up here? Also, why was Xia Anlan treating her so nicely?

However, a breath escaped Yan Qingsi when she recalled Xia Anlan’s appearance. He truly was a refined, elegant, dignified man, so impeccable that he was practically perfect.

For a man, regardless of status, it was the ultimate achievement to be able to groom oneself to Xia Anlan’s level.

Yan Qingsi’s throat was extremely dry. She pointed at the glass on the table. “Sorry. Can you help me bring that over?”

The nurse hurriedly handed it to Yan Qingsi. She wrapped both palms around the glass and drank a mouthful. “Which hospital is this in Su city?” she asked casually, “the environment and services are excellent.”

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