Chapter 913 - You Need to Be Crueler than Anyone Else to Survive

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Chapter 913: You Need to Be Crueler than Anyone Else to Survive

“This isn’t a hospital,” the nurse replied. “And this is not Su city.”

Yan Qingsi was stunned. She lifted her head. “It’s not…”

She felt completely stupefied. “Then where is this place?”

“It’s the capital city. The residence of the President.”

The glass of water in Yan Qingsi’s hand slipped out of her grip. It rolled over twice, then crashed onto the floor.

The second he exited the ward, the warm, gentle smile Xia Anlan had when talking to Yan Qingsi disappeared. His expression was stony and distant. “Have you found the perpetrator?” he asked.

“Not yet. It was too chaotic at that time. Yuchi only found out that someone had attempted to assassinate Miss Qingsi on the ambulance. That person must have been lurking in the water the whole time. That body of water is extremely huge. It’s totally possible for the perpetrator to have swum somewhere else and escape after doing the deed. It’s also possible for them to swim up to shore along with the people who went into the water to save her and disappear. It’s very difficult to find that person. We’ve eliminated the people involved in the shooting. They were all onshore at that time. There’s evidence that they were not at the scene of the incident.”

Xia Anlan’s expression was inscrutable, but his eyes revealed a frostiness that could cut straight into bone. “Find that person no matter how difficult it is. We must catch the perpetrator.”

“Yes, sir!”

“The information that we got shows that the three years Miss Qingsi was in M country, she had always been involved in life-or-death situations. This year, when she came back in March, she also encountered plenty of life-threatening scenarios. Fortunately, she managed to escape from them. Her father and stepmother had hired hitmen when she was overseas. Now though, both of them are already dead. For now, it isn’t clear who wants to get rid of her.”

Xia Anlan imagined the horrors Yan Qingsi had been facing over the years, and he also recalled the photograph on that tombstone. The three of them… They looked so similar. This was definitely not a simple case of coincidence.

If it was truly a coincidence, then Yan Qingsi…was probably a Xia, or perhaps she was his younger sister’s reincarnation.

“She was not fortunate…” he said softly.

One did not rely on fortune to be able to survive every single life-or-death scenario. It was because she was more vicious than everyone else. It was because she made herself grow stronger bit by bit when she was in the face of adversity. It was because she forced herself to be crueler than the entire world while fighting against the cruelty of this world.

A pang of regret hit Xia Anlan. It was far too late when he discovered the existence of this Yan Qingsi.

“Then how did I get here?” Yan Qingsi asked, tugging on the nurse’s arm. She had just finished eating, and she was feeling a lot better. “I drowned in Su city. No way that I plunged into the water and floated all the way to the capital.”

The nurse shook her head. “I don’t know anything. I just saw you when I came into the room. You were still unconscious then, and you were having a fever. The master was extremely anxious.”

Yan Qingsi’s head pounded. “Then you don’t know who brought me here?”


“Then… My assistant… Was there nobody with me?”

The nurse shook her head again. “I truly don’t know anything. My job is to take care of you and observe your physical condition at all times to prevent your lungs from getting infected.”

Yan Qingsi scratched her head. “I just drowned yesterday. And I’m already in the capital today. Didn’t I arrive here a little too quickly?”

“It didn’t happen yesterday,” the nurse supplied.


“You’ve been unconscious for two days,” the nurse continued, “you’ve been in the capital for three days already.”

“What?” Yan Qingsi shrieked.

She accidentally screamed a little too high a pitch and her throat went sore. She wrapped her hands around her neck and coughed. The nurse quickly patted her back. “Your throat is badly damaged. You better not agitate it too much. Try speaking softly,”

Yan Qingsi continued coughing for a while, hands still around her neck. “Phone, phone…” she said, “do you have one? Lend me one…”

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