Chapter 915 - You Have to Go After Him If You Like Him; You Should Pounce Forward Bravely

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Chapter 915: You Have to Go After Him If You Like Him; You Should Pounce Forward Bravely

Yan Qingsi observed that six feet three giant. He looked as though he did not hear a single word that the two had spoken. “Why the denial? If you like him, go after him. You should pounce forward bravely… This sort of man looks good with or without his clothes. His face isn’t all that bad to look at either. Are you waiting for some other woman to eat him up?”

The nurse’s face turned even redder. “Ugh, no… It’s not what you think… You better just go back and rest. Come back in and quickly rest up.”

Yan Qingsi shook her head. “Jeez… I really can’t stand people like you two. Your tongue denies it, but you want it so much that it hurts… You won’t even have a shoulder to cry on when he’s snatched up by someone else.”

The nurse was so red that she looked like she was bleeding. She took Yan Qingsi and dragged her back into the room. “Miss Qingsi, I beg you—please stop talking and just lie down and rest.”

Yan Qingsi released a sigh. “When dealing with a man like him, you have to take action if a direct confession doesn’t work.”

“What action?” the nurse asked out of curiosity.

Yan Qingsi lifted her chin. “Get some balls! Go and bed him tonight.”

Thump! The nurse collapsed onto the floor.

In the Su family estate, Yue Tingfeng had been waiting for three days. To him, these three days were so long that they felt like three centuries.

Although he knew that Xia Anlan had taken Yan Qingsi into his care, although he knew that she was safe from danger, he…was still very anxious. Normally, he would be worried if he did not see her for just a day. Now, even more so, especially when he knew that she was physically unwell.

He wanted to know how she was doing. He truly regretted not accompanying her to the shooting that day.

If he had gone, he would have at least seen her before she was taken away.

Yue Tingfeng practically had no sleep these three days. Yan Qingsi was all that was in his mind even when he closes or opens his eyes. He had no way to relax when he could not see her, up and well. It did not matter even if his eldest uncle kept reassuring him that she was fine, and he did not have to worry.

If she was not his girlfriend, of course, he would not be so worried. She was fine even though she was not breathing by the time she was rescued out from the water and had almost died.

Really, if she was not his woman, he would not worry.

Yue Tingfeng could not take it anymore. He sought his eldest uncle out. “It’s already the third day. I’m going to see Qingsi.”

“Qingsi is already conscious now,” his eldest uncle sighed. “Her body seems to have no serious injuries for now, but she needs to recover for a few days. We should wait for some news first.”

Actually, Xia Anlan had already informed the eldest son that Yan Qingsi would probably not be able to return any time soon. It did not matter if she was a relative or not—he would probably take her to Rong city after she has made a full recovery.

That was why he had stopped Yue Tingfeng from going over. He had been worried that if he told Yue Tingfeng that Yan Qingsi had been unconscious for the previous two days, his nephew would be unable to hold himself back even more. Never mind three days—he could not even stand three hours.

Yue Tingfeng’s eyes were bloodshot. “You can wait, but I can’t,” he snarled. “I need to see her. It’s no use telling me how she is. I can’t put my mind at ease if I don’t see her, myself.”

The eldest son was getting impatient. His nephew was so difficult to deal with. “She’s not in a critical stage anymore,” he said, reining his temper in. “It’s just that her body is a little weak now. The doctor said that it’s best for her to recuperate and not be disturbed. There’ll definitely be news after two more days. She’s in the capital now. The medical facilities there are certainly better.”

Yue Tingfeng’s expression was stony. “I must see her. If I don’t, I cannot relax no matter what anyone says.”

“Tingfeng, please listen to me this one time,” the eldest son said, “this might be an opportunity for Qingsi…”

Mrs. Yue pressed her lips together, observing her son from the side with a concerned expression.

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