Chapter 916 - The Xias are Bullies

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Chapter 916: The Xias are Bullies

It had not been easy for Yue Tingfeng to court her successfully. If Qingsi truly belonged to such a powerful family, it would be even harder to marry her.

“But I can’t wait for even a second anymore,” Yue Tingfeng insisted. “She’s so frail right now. What kind of a boyfriend am I if I’m not by her side?”

The eldest son looked at Mrs. Yue. “But you don’t even know where she is. Even if you go there, you won’t be able to find her. Why don’t you just wait for two more days? Just two more days. Okay?”

Mrs. Yue glared at her eldest brother. “My son, just wait for a bit. Qingsi wants nothing more than to avenge her mother and to find out her mother’s heritage. It’ll be for the best if we can really find out the truth this time.”

Yue Tingfeng clenched his teeth. “Two more days,” he said.

He wheeled around and stormed off, fuming.

Mrs. Yue harrumphed. “I can only rein him in this one time. In another two days, it won’t just be him—even I won’t be so amicable,” she said to her eldest brother, furious. “The Xias are such bullies. What era are we in now? They can’t take someone away just because they want to and don’t even contact us. What right does he have to do that? Is Yan Qingsi, their family? What kind of attitude is that? I really suspect how this sort of person managed to secure that kind of position.”

The eldest son really felt that he needed to stop her from going down that line. “Auntie Peiwan was such good friends with Mom, and the Sus and the Xias have been family friends for generations. Qingsi won’t encounter any problems over there.”

“What do you mean she won’t have any problems? It’s a problem that we can’t see her! Don’t say that so easily. I have a feeling that nothing good will come out of this.”

The eldest son massaged his temples. “I’ll contact him as soon as possible. Once he clears up everything there, I’ll get him to send Qingsi back.”

“Now we’re talking!”

Yan Qingsi was not allowed to do anything. She was not allowed to make a call, play with a phone—nothing. She thought that she would not be able to lie on the bed anymore. After all, she had been sleeping for the past two days.

However, she had overestimated her body. Once she lay down on the bed, she drifted into a deep slumber after a while, sleeping well into the nights.

When Xia Anlan got back, Yan Qingsi was still asleep.

“Little Lin, how was she in the afternoon?” he asked the nurse who had been looking after Yan Qingsi. “Did her body display any unusual symptoms?”

“No. Her body seems fine… It’s just… She kept wanting to make a call. You told me to make Miss Qingsi stay in bed and recuperate, so I didn’t dare to let her go out…” Little Lin remembered what Yan Qingsi had told her this afternoon. Her face heated slightly.

Xia Anlan smiled. He forgot that youngsters nowadays could not be separated from their phones.

“Wait till she gets a little better tomorrow. Then you can give her a phone and a laptop.”


Xia Anlan checked the clock. “It’s almost time. Wake her up to have something to eat.”

“All right, sir!”

Little Lin walked to the bedside and gently nudged Yan Qingsi. “Miss Qingsi, it’s time to have dinner.”

She did not stir even after being called a few times. Little Lin turned around and looked at Xia Anlan. “Miss Qingsi, Miss Qingsi. Wake up,” she said, “It’s time for dinner.”

She still did not move. Little Lin felt a little frightened. She shook harder and harder, and her voice became louder and louder.

Xia Anlan walked over. “What’s wrong?”

Panic was written all over Little Lin’s features. “I–I can’t wake her up…”

Xia Anlan’s expression shifted. He extended a hand and checked for Yan Qingsi’s breathing. He sensed her even breathing, against his fingers, and he heaved a sigh. “Qingsi…” he said, increasing the volume of his voice, “wake up!”

Yan Qingsi still did not wake up. His face hardened. “Get…the doctor here, now.”

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