Chapter 921 - I Think I Will be Happy in the Future

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Chapter 921: I Think I Will be Happy in the Future

Xia Anlan was stunned. He understood now that Yan Qingsi was not actually concerned if she was related to the Xias. Instead, she was concerned about her mother’s birthright.

This girl wanted to appease her dead mother.

Xia Anlan remembered the photo on the tombstone. That youthful face had…died so young.

It did not matter. Even if Yan Qingsi’s mother was not his sister, he would help her find out the truth.

“You’ve been alone all these years. A young girl enduring all this… It must have been hard for you.”

Yan Qingsi shook her head. “No matter how terrible the past is, I can be happy in the future.”

“That’s right. It will be better in the future.” Now that he was sitting in this position, he had no right to continue holding the seat if he could not even protect one person.

Yan Qingsi smiled. “Then…you should know that I’m in a relationship with Grandpa Su’s grandson. He’s so kind to me. I think…I’ll be happy in the future. Can I…give him a call?”

Xia Anlan went silent for two seconds. “Of course!”

He knew that Grandpa Su’s grandson was called Yue Tingfeng.

Only, Yan Qingsi subconsciously trusted her boyfriend to give her happiness, yet she did not think of her ‘uncle’. His heart felt unsettled at the thought.

“However…it’s late now. I’ll get someone to give you a phone tomorrow.”

Yan Qingsi felt a little disappointed, but it was not too bad that she would get a phone tomorrow. This way, she could finally contact Yue Tingfeng.

“Thank you,” she said.

“Go and rest. Tell me straight if you want anything. If I’m not around, tell Little Lin.”


Xia Anlan sent Yan Qingsi off himself. The tenderness on his expression gradually faded when she was gone. “Look into this Yue Tingfeng. See if he has any unsavory vices.”

“It’s Grandpa Su’s daughter’s son,” his secretary said. “He should…”

He did not finish his sentence when he sensed Xia Anlan’s cold stare. “Yes, sir,” he said quickly.

“Sir, it’s late. You should rest.”

Xia Anlan massaged his forehead. “You go back to your room first.”

The secretary was about to reply when a phone rang in his pocket. He always carried two phones around—one was his, and the other was Xia Anlan’s. He took the phone out and saw that it was Xia Anlan’s phone ringing. “Your father is calling,” he said hurriedly.

Xia Anlan raised his head and took the phone. “Hello? Father, it’s so late. Why aren’t you asleep yet? How’s Mother?”

“Anlan, I have something to tell you,” Old Xia said, his voice taut with agitation.

“Just nice then. I have something to tell you too… You go first.”

“Rushuang called me today and sent me a photo of a young woman. She looked so similar to your mother when she was younger. I was thinking that perhaps…your mother would feel more comforted if she saw that young woman, and she would get a little better. Even if she isn’t, at least…she…would suffer less during her final moments.”

Xia Anlan was surprised. “Rushuang told you that, Father?”

“That’s right. She originally said that she would bring You Xi over during the Mid-Autumn Festival but she unwittingly saw that Yan Qingsi girl on TV and thought that she looked very similar to your mother, so she called to let me know. I’ll get her to contact that young woman and bring her over.

Xia Anlan pondered over his father’s words for a moment, remaining silent. “She’s already with me,” he said, “she’s not physically fit now. I wanted to wait for her to recover a little more before bringing her to Rong city. I’d wanted to talk to you about her too. I never thought…Rushuang would tell you earlier.”

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