Chapter 922 - Younger Sister May Not Have Died That Year

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Chapter 922: Younger Sister May Not Have Died That Year

Grandpa Xia was pleasantly surprised. “Is it true? Why didn’t you tell me earlier? You need to hurry. Your mother might not be able to last any longer. The doctor said that her condition today had worsened. Rushuang is a good child, she called me immediately the moment she saw that girl. She was more excited than me.”

Xia Anlan’s expression was not good. He said, “I know. Tomorrow, tomorrow I will bring her back.”

“Your mother…have been calling Little Ai’s name for the whole day. I’m really afraid she…” Grandpa Xia’s voice was desolated. He could not continue with his sentences. His aged voice had revealed his grief and sorrow.

Xia Anlan sighed. “Rest assured dad, mom will overcome this. I will search for a better doctor. She will surely make it through this critical moment.”

Grandpa Xia said, “You are right, she will…she will. Your mother’s heart had never let go of Little Ai. She used to say while she was conscious that Little Ai looked exactly like her when she was a child. She would most likely look like her too had she grown up… If she saw that girl, she might even recover from happiness.”

Xia Anlan hesitated for a while and said, “Dad…I suspect that Qingsi is my sister’s daughter. I suspect that Little Ai didn’t die during that time!”

Grandpa Xia was stunned for a long time before he replied, “H-how is this possible? Little Ai was still inside the house when it caught fire. She was still a child. She couldn’t possibly have escaped. Furthermore, you…you saw her scorched body later. The corpse’s height and age were identical with Little Ai.”

Xia Anlan squeezed his mobile phone. “But don’t forget, that necklace wasn’t on the body of that child. Over the years, I have had many dreams of her. Every time that child was running toward me with her necklace in my dream. I had contemplated many times that she might not be dead.”

Grandpa Xia’s voice was miserable and desolated, “That necklace was made of silver, the kidnappers must have taken it. Sigh… I know you can’t let go of your sister’s death. I can’t let go either, but so many years have passed. We should not let the dead be restless.”

Xia Anlan understood his father’s mentality. He had been despairing, griefing, and heart-broken for so many years that his mind had become tranquil.

Yan Qingsi’s sudden existence had brought hope to Xia Anlan. However, Grandpa Xia was afraid… The more hopes he had, the bigger the disappointment would be, in the end. If it was finally proven that Yan Qingsi was not related to the Xia family, it would once again remind Grandpa Xia of his beloved’s death and would only sadden him further.

“Okay, I understand… I will bring her back tomorrow.”

“Good, good…”


Xia Anlan sighed after cutting off the phone.

He put down his mobile phone and frowned. “Xia Rushuang. Of all times, why did she find out about Yan Qingsi precisely at this moment but not earlier or later? Why did she tell my father directly?”

The secretary hesitated and said, “The variety show recorded by Miss Qingsi was broadcasted not long ago. Maybe…she saw it by accident?”

Xia Anlan remained silent. His expression turned calm, dark, and indifferent.

“I don’t pay attention to the entertainment industry. Do you youngsters frequently pay attention to it?

Did you know about Yan Qingsi before this?”

The secretary scratched his head and spoke softly, “I…also…occasionally watch it, so…regarding Miss Qingsi’s matters I know a…little…”

Actually, he did not only know a little. He knew a lot about her, who most men regarded as the goddess in their hearts. His personal mobile phone’s screensavers were all filled with pictures of Yan Qingsi.

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