Chapter 923 - She Was The Best Gift Bestowed So Far

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Chapter 923: She Was The Best Gift Bestowed So Far

Many times the secretary wanted to request Yan Qingsi for her autograph, but…he dare not.

Xia Anlan did not say anything, his complexion was somewhat imposing.

The secretary looked at the time and realized it was almost twelve midnight. He wanted to remind Xia Anlan, but seeing Xia Anlan’s expression he dared not.

A short while after twelve midnight, Xia Anlan suddenly said, “Call Yuchi to come in.”

The secretary quickly went out and called for that one-point-eight-meter tall man who was guarding at Yan Qingsi’s room entrance. He was that Yuchi which Xia Anlan spoke off.

“You… Go look into Xia Rushuang’s recent activities. See if she had done any suspicious activities? ”


After lying down, Yan Qingsi still could not calm down. The nervousness and excitement made her feel as if she had not been so excited for a long time.

She thought she must wait till dawn before she could finally fall asleep. However, due to the fact that her body had yet recovered, she fell asleep shortly after twelve midnight.

Xia Anlan wakes up very early, every day regardless of his busy work schedule the day before. Occasionally, there are unexpected matters in the evening keeping him so busy that despite it being already midnight, he would still be unable to have his rest. Regardless of any circumstances, he still kept to his habit of getting up at six every morning. He has maintained this habit for many years.

Xia Anlan woke up at six as usual and jogged for half an hour today since there were no urgent affairs requiring him to handle.

Although he knew that the DNA test result would be out this morning, he had no intention of asking about it.

In his opinion, finding Yan Qingsi was the best gift, God had bestowed upon him after so many years.

Xia Anlan was the only person sitting at the dining table for breakfast at seven as Yan Qingsi was still asleep.

In the past, he had spent his days in this similar manner, yet he had never felt anything amiss. The dinner last night with Yan Qingsi made him suddenly realized that eating…by himself felt lonesome this morning.

The secretary noticed that Xia Anlan slowly ceased moving and asked softly, “Do you want me to wake Miss Qing Si up for breakfast?”

Xia Anlan shook his head. “No, let her sleep. She is still a child. Her body had not fully recovered and she needs her rest.”

The secretary dared not say anything else.

Xia Anlan’s breakfast was very light and simple, even simpler than the average Joe’s. He looked at the food on the table and said, “In a moment she will be waking up, ask her if she has anything that she wants to eat.”


The doctor came while he was still consuming his breakfast.

He said, “Sir, the DNA test result is out.”

Xia Anlan did not speak however, his secretary gave a gesture to the doctor. “Please wait a while, wait until Mister finished eating before speaking.”

Xia Anlan finished his breakfast after twenty minutes and put the chopsticks down.

The doctor hurried forward and was about to speak before Xia Anlan said, “When Qingsi wakes up, then we will talk.”

The doctor paused and nodded. “Okay.”

Yan Qingsi woke up a little after eight in the morning. Her complexion was still not particularly well even after washing up and she proceeded downstairs.

Xia Anlan was downstairs reviewing some government documents he had just received. He looked up and saw Yan Qingsi’s pale complexion with dark circles under her eyes. He said, “You woke up so early. Why don’t you sleep some more?”

Yan Qingsi quickly stood straight and rushed to Xia Anlan, not forgetting to half bowed in front of him. She still felt awkward and she reckoned that no one would dare to be relaxed in front of him.

She said, “I had something on my mind and can’t sleep well… Had that…came out?”

Xia Anlan smiled. “Have breakfast first.”

“Oh.” Yan Qingsi quickly ate and her struggles were resolved in ten minutes.

She asked, “I have eaten. Can…you tell me now?”

“In the future, don’t eat in such a hurry. It is not good for digestion.”

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