Chapter 924 - Qingsi, I Am Your Maternal Uncle

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Chapter 924: Qingsi, I Am Your Maternal Uncle

Yan Qingsi repeatedly nodded. “Yes, I will pay attention to it in the future… Then…can you tell me now?”

Xia Anlan smiled while thinking, ‘This child is really persistent.’

“The results are out, let the doctor announce it to us. We will listen to him together.”

Yan Qingsi’s body involuntarily tensed. Both her hands were clenched tightly and she subconsciously held her breath.

‘Results…results. What exactly is it? What exactly is it?’

She had never felt so nervous in her entire life. Her heart was pounding…and it felt as though it might jump out of her mouth at any time.

Xia Anlan comforted her. “You don’t need to feel so nervous.”

He looked at the doctor. “Say it.”

The doctor nodded and took out the result sheets. He cleared his throat and said, “The DNA test result between Mr. Xia and Miss Qingsi showed a similarity of more than 94 points. Generally, those scoring above 90 points are deemed to be related. Otherwise, the DNA similarity score won’t be so high. Hence, this result affirms that both of you are indeed related.”

Yan Qingsi was unsure which expression to display in order to convey her frame of mind at that moment. It was like having a very beautiful dream. A dream where all her wishes were fulfilled.

If this was really a dream, Yan Qingsi hopes…to keep dreaming and never wake up.

Secretary’s mouth was wide open. He wanted to clap his hands but after raising his hands, he discovered that it was inappropriate and hurriedly lowered them while excitedly said, “Sir, Miss Qingsi, congratulations to both of you.”

Yan Qingsi gave him a nod. Yes… She ought to accept the congratulatory wish. She thought it would be difficult to find her mother’s relatives, but she did not expect this wish to be realized so quickly without a hitch.

There was only one voice in Yan Qingsi ‘s heart, ‘Mom… I have finally found your family. I really want to run back and tell you now. You are not a dandelion anymore. I have found your roots.’

Yan Qingsi opened her mouth and wanted to speak, but she didn’t know what to say at this time.

Yan Qingsi finally reacted due to the slight pains from Xia Anlan tightly embracing her in his arms.

‘This was not a dream, it was all real!’

Although Xia Anlan had already decided before that no matter the result, he would be treating Yan Qingsi as his own niece.

However, upon listening to the results announced by the doctor confirming that the girl in front of him was really his niece; his sister’s daughter; his kin… That feeling was really similar to a flower that bloomed overnight, bursting from beneath three feet of snow and thawing the frigid world.

He felt like he was suddenly brought back to life and the world had never been so beautiful.

Yan Qingsi heard Xia Anlan said in her ear, “Qingsi, I am your maternal uncle.”

Yan Qingsi’s body trembled and murmured in her mouth, “Maternal… Uncle…”

She had been calling Yue Tingfeng’s three maternal uncles when she was with the Su Family. She was no stranger to this phrase and in fact, she was very familiar with it. However…she just realized that it gave a totally different feeling from when she used it at the Su Family.

“Qingsi, I am your maternal uncle…” Xia Anlan repeated that phrase. He could feel both his heart and voice were quivering.

Yan Qingsi opened her mouth and wanted to call out to him, but she was choked with emotions and could not make a sound.

Every one of her relatives had all died one after another. Even her most hated biological father and stepmother had died. She thought she had no more kins left but…unexpectedly, she found her Mother’s brother.

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