Chapter 925 - Qingsi, Uncle Will Protect You

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Chapter 925: Qingsi, Uncle Will Protect You

Yan Qingsi could not determine if she was feeling joyful or remorseful. Regular people were not capable of imagining what she had to go through in her life. At the time when she needed help the most, there was not even a single person who would be willing to extend a helping hand.

At present, she no longer needed anyone’s help. In addition, she had also found someone who cherished and loved her. Hence, Xia Anlan’s appearance did not bring much joy to her.

With the exception of…some bittersweet joy, the rest were more towards…reducing her remorse.

If she did not manage to trace her mother’s roots before she passed away, she would have regretted her whole life.

This remorse can, however, finally be erased in advance.

Although she had thought of it in such a way, by the time she reacted, tears were falling from her eyes.

Xia Anlan’s eyes turned red while wiping Yan Qingsi’s tears that kept rolling down from her eyes and said, “Qingsi, you are no longer alone. You have a family now. Let Uncle bring you home…”

Yan Qingsi bit her lip and lowered her head. She did not speak for a long time.

After a while, Yan Qingsi calmed down and raised her head. Although her eyes were still red and swollen, there was now a shallow smile on her face. She called towards Xia Anlan, “Uncle…”

Since her mother was really the daughter of the Xia family, she could not miss out on this opportunity.

Perhaps…because they found out about her mother’s identity and was worried that she would be found by the Xia family and deliberately killed her to keep everything hidden.

The truth that was concealed under a shroud of deceptions was impossible for Yan Qingsi to investigate by herself. However…with Xia family’s backing, things would be different now.

Xia Anlan gently touched her face and thought that was probably the most wonderful thing he has heard beside his younger sister calling him ‘brother’.

“Qingsi… Uncle will compensate for all the warmth and happiness that you had been missing out for so many years. You can tell me any of your requests or if there is anything you want to do, Uncle will protect you.”

The information showed that Yan Qingsi’s hands were not quite clean, instead, she was a cruel person.

Seeing all this information only made Xia Anlan love her more. She had done all those things just to…stay alive because she had no one to rely on. She could only rely on herself.

Yan Qingsi smiled bitterly. “My mother probably had never imagined that she…would be the daughter of the Xia family. She…could have been…like…”

Originally she could have been like Mrs. Yue, living the life of a spoiled princess and married to a wealthy man when she had grown up. Even if her husband was horrible to her, she would still have her parents and brother, supporting her. She would not have been bullied so easily.

However, she lived a rough life and died an untimely death. She was forced to her death with her infamy still continuing until today. She never had a single moment of happiness.

You Yi said he was late by seventeen years.

Xia Anlan said he was late by forty years.

Yan Qingsi knew that their delay was not intentional and that neither of them was at fault, however, she still felt that it was not worth it on behalf of her mother.

If either of them entered their lives earlier, perhaps…the situation might have been different.

She could still receive compensation from them, but what about her deceased mother?

Xia Anlan was heartbroken after listening to Yan Qingsi’s words. It felt like a towel that had been twisted and had all its water wrung out. He felt as though something was stuck in his throat and he could not breathe properly.

Seeing how difficult Yan Qingsi’s life was until recently, he would not even dare to imagine what his sister had gone through in her later years. His sister, the most gentle and lovely little girl in his heart.

Yan Qingsi looked at him and said, “I don’t have any request nor anything I would like to do. My only desire and hope are for you to investigate thoroughly the cause of my mother’s death and prove her innocence. She was forced to her death by someone…”

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