Chapter 927 - Qingsi, Let Uncle Bring You Back Home

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Chapter 927: Qingsi, Let Uncle Bring You Back Home

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Yan Qingsi turned around and ran upstairs before Xia Anlan finished his sentence.

She was not worried about her body. She was just surprised that suddenly, she would be going to the Xia family’s residence in Rong City to meet her maternal grandparents. She was feeling…a little…a little nervous and worried. Even more nervous than when she went to the Su family’s residence.

Xia Anlan wanted to tell her not to run so fast but seeing her do so made the corner of his lips curled up slightly.

‘This child actually, had always been kind-hearted, but certain circumstances forced her to be otherwise.’

Xia Anlan turned around and said sharply, “Arrange a plane for Rong City, immediately.”


Yan Qingsi immediately changed into the clothes prepared by Little Lin. She haphazardly tied her hair into a ponytail and did not apply any skincare products on her face. She did not take anything since she did not plan to use anything. It took her less than five minutes to be ready and headed down after she was done.

Little Lin was shocked into speechlessness. She thought that all female celebrities would care a lot regarding their public image and that they would not meet anyone without at least an hour of makeup.

She never expected Yan Qingsi to be so different, not even five minutes had passed and she was done.

The goddess title was indeed not given in vain. She was still so beautiful even during her most haggard moments.

Yan Qingsi headed downstairs and saw Xia Anlan speaking with someone. It seems like he was instructing that person about something. She stepped forward after he finished talking. “Uncle, I’m ready.”

Xia Anlan was a little surprised. “You got ready so fast?”

Yan Qingsi shrugged. “I… I have nothing to prepare anyway.”

Xia Anlan seemed to recall something while rubbing Yan Qingsi’s bangs, “I will get someone to prepare for you when we arrive at Rong City. We will leave for the airport in ten minutes.”

Yan Qingsi nodded, “Yes, okay… I…”

Seeing people coming into the house in a hurry, Yan Qingsi ended up swallowing her words.

Xia Anlan asked her, “What’s wrong? Is there anything else?”

Yan Qingsi shook her head. “No… No…”

Originally, she wanted to ask her uncle since they would only be leaving after ten minutes, could she contact Yue Tingfeng? However…at this moment, he was so busy that her matters seemed rather insignificant in comparison. This caused Yan Qingsi to feel that it was rather improper to ask.

She was feeling a little anxious inside. She could not imagine how worried Yue Tingfeng and the rest would be.

Xia Anlan was really busy with his tasks. He had arranged to depart for Rong City either after midday or in the evening. Unexpectedly, his Mother was suddenly admitted into the emergency room. He had no choice but to change his plans at the last moment.

The meetings that were originally supposed to be held by Xia Anlan could only be substituted with someone else however, some documents that required his signature had to be handled in advance.

Within the short ten minutes, Yan Qingsi saw a continuous stream of people coming over. Xia Anlan was so busy that he did not even have time for a breather.

Even so, he seemed calm and composed while being surrounded by people, as though nothing could possibly make him frown.

Yan Qingsi suddenly understood why there were so many fans who loved and respected Xia Anlan so much. That kind of concentration and calmness when he was working, exuded an unparalleled charm.

She remembers many netizens commented that men should be like that, however, truthfully the only man who could have done so was Xia Anlan.

Yan Qingsi’s mood suddenly fluttered again when she recalled that Xia Anlan was her uncle.

Looking at the current situation, Yan Qingsi wondered if the ten minutes delay was even enough.

However, she did not expect that Xia Anlan was practically a timekeeping device. Everything was resolved within ten minutes. He stretched out his hand to Yan Qingsi and smiled. “Let’s go Qingsi, Uncle will bring you home.”

Yan Qingsi’s heart trembled, and the corners of her lips rose a little. “Okay.”

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