Chapter 928 - Uncle’s Voice Was Very Seductive!

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Chapter 928: Uncle’s Voice Was Very Seductive!

Xia Anlan was traveling with a lot of people including security personnel and secretaries for various affairs. He also specially brought along Little Lin to take care of Yan Qingsi. The private jet was half full by then.

Seeing all those people, a thought crossed Yan Qingsi’s mind, ‘It isn’t easy being a person of great stature, you would be causing such a big commotion whenever you are heading out.’

After the plane took off, Yan Qingsi saw that Xia Anlan was still unable to rest. There was an unending stream of various affairs that required his attention. He almost did not even have time to swallow his saliva.

Yan Qingsi could not help but think, ‘Is this his daily routine?’

‘If every day was as uninteresting, serious and cumbersome, won’t he feel depressed and irritable?’

As the plane entered into the clouds, Yan Qingsi glanced outside the window. Her frame of mind was like floating on the cloud for the past two days and she has yet to find an appropriate landing zone. She used to think that as long as she had her vengeance and found her mother’s origins, she would have been satisfied.

Although her mother’s origins were now clear, the shocking new discovery caused Yan Qingsi to still be unable to calm down.

‘Mother’s past history was too shocking.’ Yan Qingsi gasped silently. She was not only unable to let go instead, she felt momentarily lost as she could not clearly see what lies ahead.

Perhaps, once this matter had been resolved, she would set aside a few days for herself to calm down and think about it.

An hour later, Xia Anlan finally stopped for a rest. He suddenly remembered about Yan Qingsi and turned to look at her only to be met with her sullen face staring outside the window without blinking. Her eyes were unfocused. She seemed as if her mind had wandered off somewhere.

Xia Anlan asked, “Are you bored? I had forgotten about you when I was busy with work. Would you like to read a book or perhaps play with either a mobile phone or a tablet? What do you want to eat? I’ll have the flight attendant bring it over for you.”

Yan Qingsi awakened from her reverie and shook her head. “It is not necessary, In addition, there was nothing interesting about it. I’m feeling a little sleepy. I…think it would be better to take a nap…”

“Alright, go and have a nap first since you woke up early today. There is still more than an hour before we arrive. You can still nap for a while.”

He turned his head again only to see that Yan Qingsi was looking at him too and both their eyes met.

Yan Qingsi nodded as Xia Anlan glanced at his secretary who quickly got the flight attendant to bring a blanket over.

Xia Anlan took it from him and put it on Yan Qingsi. Their speed was so fast and natural that she did not manage to react before being covered under it.

Xia Anlan rubbed Yan Qingsi bangs. “Close your eyes and sleep.”

Yan Qingsi swallowed her saliva. ‘This uncle’s…voice is very seductive.’

As Xia Anlan continued working, someone came over. Before that man could speak, he raised his hand to stop him. As soon as the man saw Yan Qingsi, he kept quiet and spoke as softly as possible to Xia Anlan.

On Xia Anlan’s next break, he turned his head to check on Yan Qingsi. As a result, he saw her blanket, covered up to her nose, with both her eyes still opened and looking at him. Those innocent black eyes looked similar to a little hamster’s. They were a pair of very beautiful eyes.

Yan Qingsi was so embarrassed that she wanted to close her eyes quickly, but it was too late. She smiled. “Uncle…”

Xia Anlan’s heart softened. “Why haven’t you slept, was it too noisy?”

Yan Qingsi shook her head. “No… It’s just…seems that I can’t fall asleep…”

There were too many shocking events occurring within these two days causing Yan Qingsi’s heart to be restless. The moment she closed her eyes, her thoughts were filled with disorderly sounds.

“Do you think it’s very boring?”

Yan Qingsi hesitated and nodded. “A little. Is it…like this every day?”

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