Chapter 929 - A Child Will Always Be Loved By Their Own Family

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Chapter 929 A Child Will Always Be Loved By Their Own Family

Xia Anlan relaxed his body and leaned back as he said, “Yes, I would be spending my days like this from dusk till dawn.”

“Don’t you feel that it’s very boring and meaningless?”

“I’m used to it, I’ll be fine. We are about to arrive at Rong City. Are you feeling nervous?”

Yan Qingsi nodded. “I am…”

It might be due to her lack of self-confidence. She would feel indifferent facing people who do not matter to her however, toward those who are close as kin, she would feel nervous.

Xia Anlan caressed the top of her head. “Your grandparents are very kind elders. Your grandma…might even recover from the joy of meeting you.”

Yan Qingsi tilted her head and asked, “Are they similar to you?”

Xia Anlan smiled. “Better than me.”

He has always treated people in a gentle and courteous manner while still maintaining a certain distance between them. Those who truly knew him would have known that Xia Anlan usually gave a warm and elegant first impression. As you gradually get acquainted with him however, you would discover that it was actually very difficult to get close to him. Behind his warm facade was indifference. He treats everyone well, yet would not let anyone get too close to him.

Perhaps, only Yan Qingsi felt that Xia Anlan was a very kind and gentle Uncle because he treated her differently from the rest.

Yan Qingsi bit her lip and said, “I…am probably not a good person, I’m afraid…”

“My family’s precious little girl, don’t think too much about it. Many parents always say that other children are better than their own. However, they still insist on adequately providing their children with 3 meals a day. Don’t you agree? ”

Yan Qingsi lips curved upwards. “Yes.”

She understood the meaning behind Xia Anlan’s words. No matter how bad she was, as long she was a child of the Xia Family, they would love her dearly.

The secretary came over. “Sir, we will be landing in twenty minutes.”

Yan Qingsi swallowed her saliva, feeling surprised to be arriving so soon. She felt…as though…she had yet to fully gather her courage to meet her grandparents.

It did not take long before Yan Qingsi felt the aircraft beginning to descend.

Xia Anlan seemed to feel Yan Qingsi’s anxiety and said to her, “Don’t be afraid, you’re home now.”

Yan Qingsi nodded her head. Truth be told, she was not actually afraid but feeling uneased.

The plane’s landing was a little bumpy. Yan Qingsi glanced outside at the airport and noticed that it was empty. Apparently, this airport was not for civilian use.

Yan Qingsi saw a group of people standing underneath the plane when the hatch opened. Everyone was stunned when she appeared in front of them. They were all wondering about her relationship with Xia Anlan, and there were even a few very presumptuous eyes checking her out.

Xia Anlan just said to them, “My niece is quite young. She’s still a child.”

After he finished speaking, everyone’s view toward Yan Qingsi instantly changed. They lowered their heads, not daring to look again.

Yan Qingsi was awkwardly touching her nose. She was already 25, but Xia Anlan still treated her as a child.

The car immediately drove straight out of the airport, the moment they got in.

Yan Qingsi had never been to Rong City. She turned to look outside and notice the pretty scenery, beautiful city, and decent air quality. However, the humid air made her a little uncomfortable.

Xia Anlan naturally would be taking her straight to the hospital since Grandma Xia was currently there.

The moment Yan Qingsi arrived at the hospital and got out of the car, she felt the atmosphere around her changed instantly. There was a blockade at the hospital and when she got out of the car, she saw the hospital’s superintendent and several doctors had been waiting for them. Seeing Xia Anlan the superintendent quickly said, “Old Madam was rescued twenty minutes ago, but she is still in the intensive care unit…”

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