Chapter 930 - Qingsi, This Is Your Maternal Grandpa

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930 Qingsi, This Is Your Maternal Grandpa

“At the moment…we can only wait and see if she could safely overcome the critical period tonight.”

After more than four hours in the emergency room, they finally managed to give the old lady a fighting chance. The whole hospital was in turmoil during that period of time.

Xia Anlan said to the superintendent, “Everyone had worked hard.”

He held out his hand to Yan Qingsi. “Qingsi, Uncle will bring you to see your grandma.”

Yan Qingsi bit her lip while extending her arm, placing it in Xia Anlan’s hand.

It was a little inappropriate at her current age to be holding hands with Xia Anlan however, he really regarded her as a child. He looked at her with loving eyes that made Yan Qingsi feel as though she was still a toddler.

Yan Qingsi naturally had no reason to refuse since Xia Anlan had been treating her well.

Although there were many people following behind them as they walked through the long corridor, the only sound Yan Qingsi could hear was her own heartbeat.

As they walked into the intensive care unit, Yan Qingsi saw several people in the room. One of them was an old man with his back facing toward them.

Xia Anlan walked over and called out, “Father.”

Grandpa Xia turned around and got excited when he saw Xia Anlan. “Anlan, you are back. Your mother…” The old man was speaking halfway before he saw Yan Qingsi, and he was stunned. “This is…”

Xia Anlan smiled. “Dad, this is Qingsi. I have brought her over.”

He lowered his head and said to Yan Qingsi, “Qingsi, this is your Maternal Grandpa. Call him ‘Grandpa’.”

Yan Qingsi palms were sweating as she summoned her courage and said, “Grand…pa.”

Yan Qingsi was especially nervous when she called him, Grandpa. It felt different in comparison to calling Grandpa Su. He was her mother’s father, her blood-related grandfather.

Xia Anlan felt Yan Qingsi’s nervousness and patted her back gently. “Don’t be afraid, he is your family member.”

Grandpa Xia was shocked. “S-She really…looked like…”

Xia Anlan said, “Yes, she is especially similar to her because she is your granddaughter. She really is your blood—”

“Brother Lan, you are back?” A rather joyful female voice interrupted Xia Anlan.

Yan Qingsi noticed some subtle changes on Xia Anlan’s face and she turned her head to look over, only to be immediately stunned. ‘T-this…isn’t this You Xi’s mother? Why was she here?’

Yan Qingsi’s hand subconsciously grasped firmly the corner of Xia Anlan’s sleeves. She suddenly thought of that necklace You Xi was wearing.

What was the relationship between You Xi’s Mother and the Xia family? Was she also their daughter?

Mrs. You quickly walked over. She was not dressed like a rich man’s wife like when she was at the You family’s home. She was dressed in plain and simple clothes accompanied by a pair of low heels. There was not much makeup on her face. She looked rather haggard with dark circles under her eyes. She was overjoyed when she saw Xia Anlan and was holding a glass of warm water as she approached him. “Brother Lan, did you just arrive from the airport? Was it exhausting?”

Xia Anlan’s had an indifferent expression. “Still bearable.”

Yan Qingsi felt a hint of icy-coldness from his speech. It was completely different from when he was talking to her. She could not help but to glance over at Xia Anlan.

Xia Anlan smiled at her and caressed her head.

Mrs. You handed the glass of water to Grandpa Xia. “Uncle, drink some warm water first.”

Grandpa Xia emotionally said, “Rushuang arrived very early in the morning and had been throughout the night. She hasn’t slept until now. She suffered the most.”

Yan Qingsi glanced at Mrs. You again. It appears that she was not a daughter of the Xia family since she called Grandpa Xia, Uncle.

Mrs. You glanced over at the ward and worriedly said, “How can I sleep peacefully with Auntie’s current condition?”

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