Foolish Concubine Reborn As Miracle Doctor

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Tangmeng Ruoying






Novel Foolish Concubine Reborn As Miracle Doctor - Author: Tangmeng Ruoying
She had loved him and chased after him like a fool, but he had hated her to the core. The engagement annulment letter had been thrown at her face as he took her life.When she regained consciousness, there was no more foolishness in those eyes of hers. Instead, there seemed to be a sharpness that could see through everything.He detested her, and so did everyone who constantly mocked and sneered at her. They had no idea the beauty that hid in that disguise of hers, nor the sharpened mind and intelligent soul that had since taken over the body.When they met again, “she” was the one rejecting his requests to meet. She lay comfortably on the couch, holding a teacup and slowly sipping tea from it. Her other hand stroked smooth fur of the great white mastiff that was wholly loyal to its owner.Seeing her in that moment, he felt that her aura and the grand atmosphere had shaken the depths of his heart. All he could hear was her whisper to the dog, “Why don’t you go chase away the bad guys?” back<<

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