Chapter 1001: Do You Really Need To Be Beaten Up?

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Chapter 1001: Do You Really Need To Be Beaten Up?

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Ning Xi and Ling Zhizhi had gone through the necessary details to finalize the decision on the shoot for "Cute Babies Pair Up".

When she returned home, Ning Xi first changed into her male disguise, then called Zhuang Keer. Zhuang Keer had silently done her a huge favor, so she still owed her a feast and she now finally had the time to treat her. She had even especially changed into a male outfit to make the girl happy.

"Hello, Keer!"

"Hello, Xiao Xi..." The voice on the other end of the phone sounded raspy and weak.

Ning Xi immediately frowned. "Keer, what's wrong with your voice? Are you sick?"

"Cough,'s fine, I've just got the flu and a fever..."

"How did you get a fever? Have you gone to the doctor? Eaten your medicine?"

"I have, and I've eaten my medicine too. Don't worry, I'll be fine after a nap. Did you call me for something?"

"It's nothing, I wanted to treat you to a meal, but we can do that anytime. Your health is more important. Rest well at home!"

"Oh, okay..." Zhuang Keer's tone sounded like she felt it was a great pity missing out on such an opportunity. She had been waiting for Ning Xi to finish being busy and she had finally invited her out for a meal but what luck that she had to fall sick at this time!

Ning Xi obviously heard the disappointment in Zhuang Keer's voice and she laughed lightly. "I'll go over to see you tomorrow, alright?"

"Really?" Zhuang Keer's mood immediately lightened up. "Don't you have to shoot?"

"We're done, so I'll be quite free these few days. Is there anything you want to eat? I can cook for you!"

"I can't taste anything and have no appetite for anything, so I don't know what I want to eat either..."

"Then, I'll play by ear! Just wait for the good food!"



After she hung up, Ning Xi felt that since she had changed, it would be a waste not to go out, so she called Tang Lang out for drinks.

At the same time, she wanted to find out some things about the other side. Initially, she found out that they were returning to China which worried her, yet there had been no signs of movement after waiting for many days. This made her even more frantic. She wondered if that dude was planning some huge move to make.

"Second Senior Brother, come out for a drink! Let's go to that No. 8 bar from the last time! My treat!"

"You lil punk, you still want to deceive me!? Do you think I'm that stupid to fall into your trap again this time!? I wouldn't go even if you killed me! Even if it was full of pretty girls, I wouldn't go!" roared Tang Lang angrily from the other end of the line.

When she heard his agitated voice, Ning Xi was shocked. "Don't be so emotional, dude! This time, I'm really just innocently asking you out for some drinks and a chat!"


"I'm really not lying! Besides, First Senior Brother already beat you up the last time, so why would he beat you up again? Do you really look like you need to be beaten up?"


Ning Xi was speechless.

Her persuasive banter had to drag on with Tang Lang for half a day before he finally agreed to go over sneakily.

The most outlandish thing was that the dude even wore a security guard uniform.

"Yo! Why are you dressed like this?"

"To cover up as a disguise!" Tang Lang nervously looked around him. Only after confirming that Ning Xi was alone and there was no ambush, he sat down.

"Look at your pathetic look! Do you really have to?" Ning Xi looked condescendingly at him.

Tang Lang immediately replied snarkily, "Haha, you're talking about me? Who was it that betrayed me without hesitation under Tang Ye's threats?"

Ning Xi coughed. "Fine, fine, let's not talk about that. Have you been in touch with First Senior Brother recently?"

"Do you think I'd dare contact him before I can even defeat him?" Tang Lang said unhappily.

"Okay, well this treat is wasted...I wanted to ask you about the latest..." Ning Xi sighed.

Tang Lang sipped on his drink and started indistinctly, "The latest, aye!? I do actually have news!"

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