Chapter 1151: Two People In Bed

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Chapter 1151: Two People In Bed

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Late at night, in a high-class villa area in Imperial, Ning Xueluo was walking around her living room with an annoyed and angered expression. "I've waited for a whole night and now you tell me there's been an accident?! You told me that nothing would go wrong. I don't have to teach you how to do things, do I? There're so many of you and you can't handle Zhuang Keer, a girl, and the useless Zhuang Rongguang! Is this how you handle things?"

"Brat! You assured us that Zhuang Keer would never tell anyone from the Zhuang family for the sake of her brother, and now my team is all gone. Obviously, someone from the Zhuangs assisted them! I've lost three men in this matter and now you're yelling at me?"

The voice from the other side of the phone sounded very angry.

"Anyway, it was your lack of capability that caused this! You have to settle this for me!"

"It was already a risk when you insisted on going against someone from the Zhuang family. Now that we've made them alarmed, you still want me to be involved further? We're done!" The phone call ended.

"You! Hey..hey!" Ning Xueluo threw her phone aside with a frustrated expression.

The next morning, the sun was bright and birds were singing in the sky. Pink flower petals drifted over all the way from the mountain, leaving a light aroma of blossoms in the air.

The usually late Zhuang Rongguang actually woke up early today. He quietly drove to a famous breakfast shop in Imperial and bought breakfast for the ladies back home.

A while after Zhuang Rongguang had left, a black Maybach parked outside. Lu Tingxiao came out of the car. He went to the back seat and helped his son down.

The moment the little bun got down, he ran towards the door. He stopped as he reached the entrance. He was not tall enough to reach the password lock.

The little guy went to his father embarrassingly and opened his arms wide signaling to his father that he needed help.

Lu Tingxiao just looked at his son questioningly. He crossed his arms and did nothing. His intention was obvious.

Call me "Father".

The smart little bun, of course, understood. He pouted and his eyes screamed with anger.

The little guy suddenly took out a small black controller. After clicking on it a few times, the door was opened from the inside.

"Welcome back, the cutest and Mommy's favorite Little Master!" The robot Steamed Bun greeted.

The little bun patted its head, then glanced at his father cheekily.

Lu Tingxiao smiled, his eyes doting on his son. It surely was troublesome to have a smart child, but it was his genes in the little guy after all.

As the door opened, the little bun quickly ran in.

Lu Tingxiao saw his son carefully opened his mother's bedroom door, but oddly, instead of going in, he stood there hesitantly…

What happened?

Lu Tingxiao went over and took a look.

He then saw two lumps of figures on Ning Xi's bed. There were two people in bed…

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