Chapter 1202: What A Beast

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Chapter 1202: What A Beast

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"Maybe he just really liked the bracelet? Hehe... Sis Xi, it was I who picked out the jade bracelet for you! I never knew my taste was this good, hahaha…"

Xiao Tao kept on talking and talking while Ning Xi remained silent as she felt uneasy.

The way this number eight acted seemed eerily familiar. Moreover, she thought that she saw a familiar silhouette earlier.

As everyone focused on the stage, a big and buff man who resembled a bodyguard went up to the stage. He mumbled quietly to the host, then swiftly signed the contract, paid for it, and left.

$ 100 million! $ 100 million...and he had signed it off just like that…

There was something unusual. When the guy left, he did not take the crown with him.

"What's happening? Doesn't he want the crown?" The crowd was disconcerted.

The auctioneer carefully took the crown in his hands and looked at the audience, his eyes bright as he said with utmost excitement, "Everyone, I've just received a request from our guest, Mr. Eight! The crown he bought at such a high price is a gift to someone among us today! Mr. Eight is a true fan of this lady!"

"What? A gift?!"

"Wow! A live gift presentation! What a beast! He spent $ 100 million to buy a gift for a girl!"

"A true fan? Seems like a female celebrity! That's some fan right there!"

"Whose fan is it!? He's powerful!"

"I'm betting $ 100 that it must be Ning Xueluo's fan. Her fans are usually very powerful!"

Xiao Tao tried to peer as she mumbled to herself, "Please don't be Ning Xueluo's fan! Please! No! Please! If he's Ning Xueluo's fan, I'll kill myself right now!"

Ning Xi was speechless.

At this moment, a buzz flooded the room. A few other famous celebrities and actresses including Ning Xueluo were the topic of discussion...

For suspense, the auctioneer waited until the time was right, then he announced, "The crown 'Queen' is gifted to...Ning Xi! Ms. Ning Xi, just now Mr. Eight also bought your jade bracelet. He's truly a big fan of yours!"

The auctioneer was trying to heat up the atmosphere, but the crowd gave no response as their jaws went slack.

What!? Was the auctioneer kidding?

Are you sure he is a real fan and not a hater?

Xiao Tao's eyes almost popped out.

At the same time, Ning Xi's phone beeped as she received a new message: [My dear, do you like the present?]

Sender: Carrot Yun

When she saw the nickname "Carrot Yun" that she had changed herself appear on her screen, Ning Xi pinched the juncture between her eyebrows and her veins popped out on her head. Her expression was changing rapidly as well like she was going through a manic episode.

[Not! At! All!!!!!]

She knew it...this familiar...crazy behaviour…

As expected, it was that guy!

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