Chapter 1203: Little Junior Sister Was Extra Touched, Wasn't She?

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Chapter 1203: Little Junior Sister Was Extra Touched, Wasn't She?

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"Oh... Oh my God! Sis Xi! Sis Xi, did you hear that?! That $ 100 million actually for you! It's a gift for you! Number eight is actually your fan! I almost thought it was your hater!" Based on the way Xiao Tao was, even if she did not die from hitting her head on a pole in her frenzied state, she was still about to die from excitement.

However, when she watched everyone else's reactions, Xiao Tao was actually considered quite calm.

"Please, we would like to welcome Ms. Ning to come on stage."

When they heard the host's words, the entire crowd exploded.

"It's actually Ning Xi..."

"How did this happen? Shouldn't the Ms. Ning he's referring to be Xueluo?"

"Is there some kind of confusion?"


"Please Ning Xi, Ms. Ning!" The host had probably picked up on the discussion in the crowd and had especially emphasized Ning Xi's name again.

Finally, no one was questioning it.

"The base price of this crown was $ 30 million, but now at the transacted price of $ 100 million, it means that this auctioned item has raised $ 70 million in charity funds for us. Ms. Ning, you are undoubtedly the guest who has raised the most for us at this auction, and we really thank you for your contribution to charity. We sincerely wish you all the best in your acting career."

On the stage, the host was cordially praising Ning Xi, while Ning Xueluo looked beyond miserable and was completely uninterested in the host's words. She was, instead, drowned by hatred and jealousy.

She would never have thought that the person to steal this crown away from her would be Ning Xi.

Ning Xueluo was so bitter that she was shaking, and when she looked at Su Yan beside her, her expression was one of incredible sadness and misery. "Bro Yan, why? Why does Sis have to treat me like this? She knows that I like this crown. She knows what this crown means to me. Why must she steal everything that belongs to me?"

Su Yan did not expect that it would turn out like this either and he pinched between his brows in exhaustion. "Xueluo, Xiao Xi didn't mean to..."

"Didn't mean to? Would there be so many unintentional coincidences? For the last celebration banquet when you proposed to me, she already used all sorts of ways to steal my limelight, and now it's like this! She just can't afford to see me live well! I've been patient with her, yet she has humiliated me again and again. Bro Yan, I really can't stand it anymore..."

"Xueluo, even if Xiao Xi is capable, there's no way she could pull this off. It's probably just a fan that truly likes her. Don't be sad. Later on, I'll prepare something even better for you!"

"Bro Yan, why do you keep making excuses for her!? Are you also going to be stolen away by her? Are you starting to regret getting together with me?"

"Don't talk nonsense."


Inside a black-colored car, a silver-haired and pretty flirtatious-looking man just got in. Feng Xiaoxiao excitedly rubbed her hands together to ask, "How did it go? My trick isn't bad, is it? A hero saving a damsel is a trick that works every time! Little Junior Sister was extra touched, wasn't she?"

Once she said that, the man's cold eyes shot her a look.

Feng Xiaoxiao felt goosebumps rise and she weakly coughed to ask, "W-what's wrong?"

The man casually slid his black-colored phone across the seat. Feng Xiaoxiao quickly caught it and then looked at the phone, and she saw the conversation...

[My dear, do you like the present?]

[Not! At! All!!!!!]

Feng Xiaoxiao was dumbfounded. "This...this is illogical!"

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