Chapter 1204: An Incompetent EQ

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Chapter 1204: An Incompetent EQ

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"How could this be? Little Junior Sister isn't such an unreasonable person!" Feng Xiaoxiao repeatedly read the text messages and was further stupefied.

The man squinted his eyes and his lazy voice revealed traces of danger. "Are you trying to say...that I'm unreasonable?"

Feng Xiao Xiao coughed lightly and quickly waved to deny. "No, no, no! I wouldn't! But this result is actually way too different than what I expected! Boss, did you really do as I told you to? Logically, Little Junior Sister hates that trash and bitch duo the most in China. You've helped her savagely slap them on the face in public. Even if Little Junior Sister doesn't appreciate the kindness, she shouldn't be scolding you either!"

Feng Xiaoxiao thought it was weird, then she looked to Tang Ye, who was beside the silver-haired man and asked, "First Senior Brother, how was the situation like? Could you tell me? It's best to be more specific!"

Tang Ye's glasses reflected the light from his laptop. When he heard her, he just typed a few words on the laptop and passed it to her. Feng Xiaoxiao quickly leaned closer to the laptop and saw the screen playing the live stream of the charity banquet...

The live stream was recorded by the organizers and there was a high amount of traffic. It was currently in the top spot of live streams, making it clear that some shocking thing must have happened at the charity banquet.

Feng Xiaoxiao was a busybody and excitedly clicked on it to watch. Sadly, the more she watched, the worse her expression became. All the way till the end, her face cringed as it was a spectacle too horrible to even endure...

With a resounding bam, Feng Xiaoxiao slammed the laptop shut as she looked at the two men with quivering hands and was green in the face. " two..."

Moments later, the irate Feng Xiaoxiao who was about to explode finally forced herself to find the strength to speak, "My dearest Boss! Please allow my humble self to ask you sincerely, why did you increase your bid a dollar at a time before that? How does your brain even work?"

"I was happy to. Is there a problem?" The silver-haired man shot her a look from the side.

Feng Xiaoxiao clasped her chest dramatically and almost spit blood out. She could not communicate properly with this person, so she then turned to Tang Ye and raved bitterly, "First Senior Brother! You know the Boss's EQ! Why did you just watch and not stop him?!"

Tang Ye opened his laptop and started to work on his complicated financial forms again. He did not even look up to say, "Why should I stop him?"

Feng Xiaoxiao was speechless.

Lord! Someone, please save her!

She was about to die from infuriation by this bunch of scoundrels with negative EQ!

She really should not have had any high hopes of them.

Feng Xiaoxiao looked like she was struggling to breathe as she said weakly, "Boss, since you've hired me to be your advisor... No, wait, your love advisor, then you should strictly follow the way I taught you to and not add any tricks for yourself! What's the difference between your earlier actions compared to a hater? Little Junior Sister probably thought you were hired by Ning Xueluo to mess around!"

"It's too troublesome." The silver-haired man started to look irritated.

Feng Xiaoxiao was afraid of angering this guy, so she quickly softened her tone, "Hey, my dear Boss, if you want to keep a hold on Little Junior Sister's heart, then it's inevitable for things to be a little troublesome..."

Actually, money was the ultimate blame for this guy's low EQ because to him, only one trick was needed to treat women -- throw money, throw money, and throw more money. Besides, he was uninterested in man-woman matters. His brain worked in weird ways too, so naturally, he would never want to study such tricky matters of the heart.

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