Chapter 1205: Someone Is Stealing Your Wife!

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Chapter 1205: Someone Is Stealing Your Wife!

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She was initially hoping that First Senior Brother could advise the Boss by having him stay beside him, yet the two were like Tweedledee and Tweedledum. Unreliable!

The only people she was close to and had a normal functioning brain in the organization was Little Junior Sister and Second Senior Brother, but now that they were both gone, they had left her lonely and every day she got infuriated.

If not for the fact that she was seriously lonely, she would not have compromised to help that guy go after Little Junior Sister. If he could really get Little Junior Sister back, then that would definitely be a huge delight!

Sadly, now that she had tried this once, she would much rather move to the countryside to farm than teach this guy to court women anymore.

One hundred million dollars had floated away just like that...


In the CEO's office in the Lu Corporation.

"Second Master!"

"Second Master, you're here!"

"Hi, Second Master!"


"Where's my brother?"

"The CEO is in his office!"

Lu Jingli did not have time to attend to the others. He flew like a tornado past the employees and ran straight to the CEO's office.

He pushed open the door, and then...bam! Lu Jingli's hands were gripping his brother's work desk in desperation.

"My God, my God, my God! Bro! Why are you still in the office? Don't work anymore!"

Lu Tingxiao looked up from his mountain of documents and massaged his temples. "Did something happen?"

"Of course, something happened! Something huge has happened! There's some guy who's trying to pick up your wife!" Lu Jingli was beyond fury. The expression he wore was even angrier than having his own wife stolen, even though he did not have one.

Lu Tingxiao paid attention now and he cast a questioning look at his brother.

Lu Jingli quickly moved closer and used Lu Tingxiao's computer to search. He opened up a live stream and exclaimed, "Bro! Look, one hundred million, one hundred million! Yeah, a true fan sounds nice and all, but they're obviously coveting after your wife! Although, I don't know why this guy started by intentionally making fun of Xiao Xi Xi. Could it be to leave a stronger impression on her? Hmm, it must be! This is so cunning! Bro, you must not lose! Look, I've already helped you choose the present. Every one of them can definitely surpass that crown..."

Lu Jingli prattled on and had even started clicking on his iPad to show Lu Tingxiao the presents he found. There was a crown, a ring, and even a sports car. There was variety, and everything one could think of was listed!

It looked like he was confident of winning this round!

For a couple of seconds, Lu Tingxiao's eyes fell on the corner where the raised number eight card was. One could not read his expression...

"Bro, bro? Bro, did you hear what I say? The enemy has come in full force. We cannot be weak! Look at all these presents and tell me which one is suitable. I'll get them for you immediately!" Lu Jingli said impatiently.

"No need," responded Lu Tingxiao.

"How can there be no need?! It's too much of a need, I tell you! Even though you and Xiao Xi Xi are doing good now, there's still a need to protect this relationship! Things like gifts are still very important!" Lu Jingli said with a serious expression, then he frowned and mumbled, "Also...this number eight might be a little prank. Even I couldn't find out who he is and where he's from. How could I not know someone in Imperial with such wealth? But I can confirm that he's a crazy admirer of Xiao Xi Xi, otherwise, he wouldn't have spent like that. The thing is I'm not sure what his relationship is to Xiao Xi Xi. Maybe it's someone she knows..."

Lu Tingxiao leaned back in his chair and said with a cool expression and calm tone, "He's just an ex-boyfriend."

Lu Jingli was speechless.

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