Chapter 1212: Of Course It Was On Purpose

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Chapter 1212: Of Course It Was On Purpose

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That damned Chen Mian! He had even criticized her publicly on Weibo when he was defending Ning Xi. Furthermore, he had picked Ning Xi as the main character to piss her off and made a movie with a very similar theme, obviously to snub her!

Now, she would like to see who would be the last one standing in the industry! The moment she imagined Chen Mian and Ning Xi's downfall, she felt extremely satisfied. They would be killing two birds with one stone!

"Right, Director Zheng, Producer Wu, should we count Oriental Cinema in?" The secondary female lead asked.

They had already dealt with most of the top cinemas, so only Oriental Cinema was left.

When Oriental Cinema was mentioned, Zhang Kangde sneered, "That witch from Oriental Cinema isn't cooperative at all. We don't have to deal with her. The ones we've contacted are already enough. Just wait until our movie is popular enough, she'll surely beg us for it!"

"Based on what you're saying, is there something wrong with the manager from Oriental Cinema? Wasn't she known as 'China's First Row'?" The secondary female lead looked confused.

The producer laughed, "This Fang Jiayue! While she's great at running business, she's not a people person and very inflexible. She never takes any incentives from anyone, thinking that she's better than everyone else, and she's actually breaking the unsaid rules within the industry. No one likes to deal with her…"

"I see, this woman is really daring, huh?"

The next day, "I Only Like You" was officially released. Ning Xi had watched the movie beforehand and already had an idea of the quality of the movie, so she focused on the screenings and online ranking. She also browsed through the online movie review sites.

After the first day, Ning Xi realized that the movie's screening frequency was shockingly high. It was comparable with the few popular Hollywood blockbusters from before. The ratings from professional review sites were not low as well. It scored 7.6 out of 10, pretty good for a local movie. Even the comments from the netizens were mostly positive as well. Although there were some of them that criticized its clichè plot, it was soon flooded with praises from various experienced movie reviewers.

With such elementary acting and shooting quality, the marketing team had done a considerable amount of effort for it to achieve such results. Most of the budget was not spent in the movie itself, but on marketing and business relationships instead.

On the third day, the results for the first day of "I Only Like You" was released. It had reached $ 110 million at the box office! Over $ 100 million!

Early afternoon, in Chen Mian's office, Ning Xi, Chen Hanchen, Jian Shu, Ji Yumeng, and the other core members of the team were present.

On Chen Mian's table was the ranking list of the box office. "I Only Like You" ranked third.

Now, everyone knew that the dates of the "Dream Chaser" clashed with the airing of "I Only Like You", and the latter had done extremely well. The atmosphere in the room hung heavy.

Ji Yumeng was frustrated. "Zheng Kangde did this on purpose! Director, you already checked their release date beforehand and avoided them, but now they changed the date secretly, even scheduling it to air before us!"

On purpose, of course, it had been done on purpose. If anyone lent it a little thought, they would know it had been done on purpose.

They had no other choice now. They could only clash with it face on since the release date was decided and they could not change it now.

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