Chapter 1213: Pleasant To The Eyes

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Chapter 1213: Pleasant To The Eyes

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They were all newbies. Although Ning Xi had acted in "The World" before, she had only acted in one previous movie. Plus, her fanbase was rather small and it had been such a long time since her last movie. With such a drastic shift in genre as well, it would not really impact the box office.

"Just continue with the planned marketing. I'll work on the cinema's side," said Chen Mian calmly. Since he decided to take on this path, he had anticipated this day.

Everyone looked at each other as they knew the situation was not positive.

Zheng Kangde's movie was doing abnormally well, almost taking away a huge chunk of the market. One would need a miracle to have a breakthrough…

Although it was not mentioned explicitly, everyone sort of gave up.

Deep down, they all understood that their movie was way better than Zhang Kangde's, but the current movie industry seemed not to care much about the quality…

No one understood this more than Director Chen Mian did. It was because of this that Ning Xi was really impressed with Chen Mian's comeback this time.

Back in the day, every cinema would fight over Chen Mian's movies. Even when he had not been doing very well in the past few years, the allocation slots for his movies never fell below 30%.

Nevertheless, this time, without any famous actors or strong investors, he only got about 10% allocation in most cinemas, some even 5%, and most of them were scheduled in the morning before noon or after 10 p.m, basically at rather odd timings.

Moreover, these were the results that Chen Mian had to fight for.

Finally, the premiere of "Dream Chaser" arrived.

Ning Xi checked the timing at most big cinemas and was disappointed to see that all the screenings were scheduled in the morning and at night.

In the end, Ning Xi bought tickets for a 10 p.m. movie.

It was already very late, so there were only a few people left in the cinema. And among these few people, most of them chose to watch "I Only Like You" since both movies were of a similar genre, so of course, they would go with the more popular one.

A couple was discussing in front of the poster of "I Only Like You".

"Baby, let's watch this! There're a lot of famous actors in it and I heard it's pretty funny as well!" The man suggested.

The girl mumbled sourly, "No, I don't like Liang Biqin! She's too superficial! And her in a male outfit looks so ugly!"

"Really? I think it's alright!"

"I just don't want to watch a stupid movie! Watch it by yourself if you insist!"

"Then, what do you want to watch? Doesn't seem like there's anything else good to watch at this time…"

"Let me see... Hmm, Dream Chaser? The main cast is Ning Xi, Chen Hanchen... I've never heard of them before! But... Wow! The male lead in the poster looks sooo handsome! Totally my type! That gaze, that aura... Let's watch this!"

In the poster of "Dream Chaser" was a man and a woman. However, the man was actually Ning Xi instead of the male lead. One of the figures was Ning Xi in a male outfit, while the other one was her in a female outfit. Those who did not know the context would really mistake the two figures as the male and the female lead.

The man was a little speechless. "But this seems like a stupid movie as well…"

"Stop with the complaints. If they are both stupid movies, at least a handsome lead is more pleasant to the eyes!"

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