Chapter 1301: As Long As I Like You

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Chapter 1301: As Long As I Like You

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Before Ning Xi could explain further, Jiang Muye interrupted, "She was weird. She thought that she's some superhero and wanted to eliminate trash guys in order to protect the innocent girls!"

Ning Xi nodded, satisfied with Jiang Muye's explanation.

"Huh? What?" Lu Jingli was confused.

How did the topic turn from Xiao Xi Xi's love story to a superhero saving innocent girls?

Ning Xi sat beside Lu Tingxiao, resting her head on Lu Tingxiao's shoulder. She let out a sigh, "Actually, I can't stand it when I see trash guys bullying girls. This happened since I broke up with Su Yan five years ago. My psychiatrist said it's a form of obsessive compulsive disorder, and that it couldn't be fixed. Of course, I didn't want to fix it at that time…"

Lu Tingxiao patted her head. He was very understanding of her situation.

Ning Xi blinked her eyes. "Dear, I had such a bad reputation back then. You didn't really know me well either, so why did you still like me? I really had nothing but a pretty face back then. I was so bad at everything else…"

"The person I like doesn't need to possess anything or be good at anything as long as I like you," said Lu Tingxiao.

Ning Xi hugged him. "My dear, you're so cool!"

"Ugh... Be more serious! We're talking business here!" Lu Jingli then asked, "So, all your exes were cases like this as well? Your purpose to be with them was to take revenge on them? Even Jiang Muye?"

Jiang Muye was annoyed. Could they not mention him all the time?

Was he really his true uncle!?

Okay, they were not really related by blood…

Ning Xi nodded. "Except Su Yan, and that someone... The others all happened this way!"

Lu Tingxiao's expression changed ever so slightly. He instantly understood that the unsaid name was Yun Shen.

"Wow, Jiang Muye, no wonder you didn't tell me the truth even after being so drunk! Xiao Xi Xi didn't like you at all. She was just there to torture you!" A moment of realization dawned on Lu Jingli.

Jiang Muye's expression darkened. Why couldn't he be more considerate?

Still, a certain devil was feeling really smug. His wife was too cute!

"Since she shared this, you can tell us what happened between the two of you?" Lu Jingli patted Jiang Muye's back. "Young man, tell us your story!"

Jiang Muye had held it in for far too long as well, so he opened up, " know how I was a few years back! I betted with a bunch of friends on whether I could get Ning Xi to be my girlfriend in a day. We betted on a car!"

"Then?" Lu Jingli quickly filled up Jiang Muye's glass.

Lu Tingxiao was feeling great as he focused on Jiang Muye's story!

With Ning Xi's words, most of his love rivals were eliminated, so of course, he would feel great!

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