Chapter 1351: A Gathering of Ex-Boyfriends

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Chapter 1351: A Gathering of Ex-Boyfriends

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One of the split personalities was sinister and cruel, the other was innocent and guiltless, so kind that she would not even want to kill an ant.

Such a situation often appeared within the script. Yun Huang would be sinister one second, then turn innocent. Even when this flared up, she would have to constantly switch between two personalities. Such a role demanded much skill from the actor.

When she saw Ning Xi come over, Meng Shiyi sized her up and had an arrogance in her eyes. It was a condescending look often used in the circle by actors from the capability camp towards the idol camp.

To Meng Shiyi, she was just an artiste that became popular overnight from acting in a a melodramatic movie. She did not even have any reputable awards; such people were a dime in the dozen in the entertainment industry. Most of them would just use their instant popularity to profit hugely, and there were many like her, so she was not worth a mention.

Yun Huang's character was not that difficult for Ning Xi, so the audition and shooting of the image stills concluded rather quickly.

When she was finished, Ning Xi was speaking to the director when a black silhouette flashed from not too far away. The person who had just turned around the corner was Mo Yuxiu who had come miles for the kill…

Ning Xi speechlessly covered her face in her hands. Bloody hell, had he really chased her here?

What was this guy trying to do?

Mo Yuxiu looked at her, but he did not do anything for now. He completed his audition and photoshoot by the book. To an outsider, he had perfect work ethics.

Only Ning Xi understood his calm expression's real meaning, which was, "Tang Xi, there are more days to come. We will have our fun!"

Yet, today was probably meant to be a disastrous day for her…

Just as Ning Xi thought the situation was bad enough, the assistant director suddenly smiled flatteringly and led someone in. "CEO Su, this way! We're shooting the image stills!"

Ning Xi looked at the man behind the assistant, and was shocked as if struck by lightning.

Su Yan…?!

What was he doing here?

Bloody hell! Jiang Muye, Mo Yuxiu, and Su Yan... There were three exes in one show... Just one more would be enough for a round of mahjong!

Was this meant to create more chaos for her?

When Guo Qisheng saw who had arrived, he immediately walked up eagerly to greet, "CEO Su, you're here! Why didn't you tell me so I could prepare?!"

"I had some work nearby today, so I decided to swing by for a look. No need to cause a commotion." Su Yan was the elegant and kind gentleman as always.

Guo Qisheng led Su Yan to the audition venue. "Since you're here, let me introduce you to the main cast so far. Have a look and give us some pointers…"

Su Yan humbly said, "I obviously trust your judgement, Director Guo. I'm just an industry outsider. I can admire the charm of the main cast, but I daren't offer pointers."

When he heard Su Yan's words, Guo Qisheng felt as if he was bathed in good vibes. Most investors would try to pretend that they knew things and stick a finger in the pie anywhere at this point but people like Su Yan just made one feel comfortable.

Jiang Muye used his elbow to nudge the stunned Ning Xi and he shot her a side look. He pouted and said, "Hey, you okay? Indeed, true love is different! You've been stupefied since he walked in!"

Ning Xi shot Jiang Muye a mean look. "True love, my ass! How did Su Yan become the investor of this show?"

That was not logical!

Jiang Muye blinked. "What's so odd about that!? Do you know what's the total investment for our series so far? Five billion dollars!"

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