Chapter 1451: My Dear, You’re Amazing

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Chapter 1451: My Dear, You’re Amazing

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"I don't dare to." Liu Yan obediently lowered his hand, but his body was tensed up like a strung bow.

"That's more like it…" Yun Huang sounded like the devil who had deceived countless girls. Her tone turned gentle and not even a saint could escape from those flirtatious eyes of hers…

Finally, she closed in and slowly kissed the man's lips.

As Yun Huang closed her eyes and kissed Liu Yan, teardrops fell out of her eyes. Her expression the moment she closed her eyes was impactful enough to make anyone share the pain.

That wild unruliness was just a thin protective shell of hers; the female devil had true feelings too.

Guo Qisheng clapped excitedly with the script in silence as he closely watched and did not stop them.

Then, the camera zoomed in on Liu Yan.

Liu Yan acted as a human weapon in the series and had no emotions of his own. The only thing he grasped was his loyalty towards his master.

However, at this moment, when his master kissed him, the man's cold eyes turned scorching hot as if a hidden beast inside him was struggling to be uncaged…

Deep inside Liu Yan's heart, the uncontrollable feeling he knew he should not have aside from loyalty towards his master was trying to surface.

Liu Yan did not know what he was feeling as he had never experienced love before. At that moment, he felt the strange emotions bubbling…

This scene was not just Yun Huang's turning point. It was Liu Yan's too.

However, of course, a small character like Liu Yan was not important, but with Ke Mingyu's acting, no one could ignore him. People would just be more interested in his feelings towards Yun Huang…

Suddenly, Yun Huang's poison reacted and anguish filled her face. Liu Yan finally acted. The man turned around and carefully placed his master down, his fingers stopping for a while on his master's waist. Then, he swiftly undid her belt.

"Oh, crap!" Jiang Muye was too focused on watching and did not realize that the cigarette in his fingers was finishing. It burnt his finger.

Damn! Why was he here to watch his ex shoot a sex scene with his uncle!?

He was looking for torture for himself!

But his... His legs just would not budge!

Her crimson outfit was peeled off layer by layer. Each layer removed only increased the tension in the room as everyone gulped while awaiting the upcoming steamy scene…

At that moment, Liu Yan looked at the cave entrance with a sharp gaze, then there was an odd sound. Liu Yan's finger moved silently and a small stone bounced off the vines near the entrance.

Swishhh! The vines then covered the entrance, blocking them.

Everyone was confused.

This seemed different from the script!

Guo Qicheng's eyes lit up after he looked down at his viewing monitor for a while. He indicated to the videographer to continue.

There were some tiny gaps in between the vines, and the people outside could barely see what was happening inside. Ning Xi and Ke Mingyu could not take directions from Guo Qisheng, so they were free to perform by themselves…

Mmm, they were free to perform by themselves…

Ning Xi was longing for this!

She had been holding it in for too long. She quickly clasped her hands around the devil's neck and gave him a solid kiss. She lowered her voice, "My dear, you're amazing…"

That little stone throw was way too accurate!

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