Chapter 1502: My Boyfriend

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Chapter 1502: My Boyfriend

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When they heard her ambiguous reply, Sun Lan and Tang Shan were a little disappointed while Elder Madam Tang was making calls to see if anyone she knew could help out.

"Xiao Xi, who did you call? Is the person even reliable or not?" Tang Shan asked.

"Hmm, it's my boyfriend." Ning Xi did not bother hiding.

Sun Lan was a little shocked. "Ah, Xiao Xi, you have a boyfriend now? What does he do?"

"Business," replied Ning Xi tersely.

Elder Madam Tang, who had just finished making a call, had a clearly condescending smirk on her weathered face. "What can a businessman do? If you want to look for someone to help, you should get someone in the government! Don't just delay time and affect Xiao Nuo..."

Ning Xi did not retort back. She just listened quietly to Elder Madam Tang's acidic words.

The Tangs did not put much hope on Ning Xi's call, so they paced around like headless flies, thinking of various ways to resolve this dilemma.

Tang Nuo was pretty interested in this mysterious "brother-in-law". He went up to Ning Xi and rattled off a few questions.

"Sis, do you really have a boyfriend already?"

"Why would I lie to you?!"

"Is he handsome? Compared to Bro Su... Uhh... No, wait, is he more handsome than Trash Su?"

"Duh, of course, he's more handsome than him!"


In the blink of an eye, it was already evening and the sky was turning dark. The Tang family was at their wit's end, and there was no news from Ning Xi's side either.

"Xiao Xi, has your boyfriend replied you?" Already at the end of her tether, Sun Lan could only place her last sliver of hope on Ning Xi.

Ning Xi shook her head. "Not yet."

Even though there was no news from Lu Tingxiao, Ning Xi was not worried, so she did not call to rush him either.

How could she doubt her darling's capabilities?

"Oh..." Sun Lan instantly looked crushed.

Finally, the sky had turned completely dark.

Tang Shan could not sit still anymore. "Xiao Xi, still no news? Why don't you call and ask?"

"What's there to ask? Are you really counting on a lowly actress like her?" Elder Madam Tang was worried about her grandson's issue and was now filled with anger, her tone becoming increasingly hostile.

She did not care who Ning Xi was. She was just an ungrateful wretch who had leeched onto their Tang family for so many years!

In her ire, she muttered under her breath, "Daughters are money-losing propositions. There's no use raising them. They're just an irksome presence..."


Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. It sounded exceptionally clear in the dead silence of the house.

"It's already so late. Who could it be?" Sun Lan peered outside.

"I'll go open it!" Tang Nuo exclaimed as he walked towards the door.

The door creaked as it opened. In the next second, Tang Nuo stood stupefied as he gaped at the tall figure standing before the door.

The man wore a well-tailored, gunmetal grey formal outfit with a dark patterned tie. He stood there akin to a refreshing breeze with his back against the night, brightening the dim, narrow, little house instantly...

The following words instantly crossed Tang Nuo's mind: "Your presence brings light to my humble dwelling".

"You... You are..." Tang Nuo looked blankly at this handsome man with such an aristocratic aura and asked. Suddenly, his eyes lit up. "Are you... Are you my brother-in-law?"

When the man heard "brother-in-law", his cold eyes flickered as he skimmed the youth. "Are you Xiao Xi's brother, Tang Nuo?"

"Uhh, yes, I'm Tang Nuo!" Tang Nuo quickly nodded.

The man heard this and raised his hand.

This was precisely when Tang Nuo realized that there was a huge envelope in his hand, and he asked in confusion, "This is...?"

The man directly delivered the envelope to his wife's younger brother before him. "A gift."

"Ah?" Tang Nuo looked blankly at the man as he subconsciously took the envelope and was prepared to courteously reject it when he skimmed the words on the envelope. His expression changed instantly.

The envelope was clearly marked as an Imperial University stationery. With trepidation, he opened the envelope in a flurry to see its contents. It was an acceptance letter from Imperial University!

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