Chapter 1701: I'm Afraid They're Already...

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Chapter 1701: I'm Afraid They're Already...

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"Where are they?"

The small leader shivered as he said, "Uncle Qiao got people to deal with them directly... I'm afraid they're already..."

Before he could finish, he was knocked out with a kick.

Lu Tingxiao, Yun Shen, and Tang Lang swiftly ran in.

They had just stepped into the ruins of the building when Yun Shen, who was taking big strides ahead, seemed to have thought of something. He suddenly stopped mid-step as his trembling fingers balled into tight fists.

Lu Tingxiao did not stay. He just walked past him and pressed forward. While he had already walked far ahead, Yun Shen remained there unmoved.

Tang Lang turned to look pensively at the man behind him. He seemed to have noticed vaguely that there was a flash of emotions of fear and helplessness in his usually careless eyes.

Was he... afraid?

Afraid that he might see... Little Junior's body?

Previously, when Yun Shen had just immediately given Lu Tingxiao the address, Tang Lang was very shocked, but now he seemed to have realized that Yun Shen might not have known about Little Treasure and Ning Xi's kidnapping at all.

Even though there was the possibility that Qiao Yi had done all of this behind his back, how did Lu Tingxiao know it for sure, and was even certain that Yun Shen would help them?

He had known this man for a long time, yet he did not dare say he completely understood him, or was sure of what he would or would not do.


Finally, they reached the ruins seen in the video. The air was filled with a mix of gunpowder and blood.

When they reached the place, everyone was stunned.

The ruined city was extremely quiet. Apart from the sound of the wind hurtling by, there was no superfluous noise.

What was even weirder was that on the way, they saw that some of the guards and mercenaries had fallen to the ground disorderly.

Tang Lang went closer to inspect and was dumbstruck.

"All these people are dead..."

Initially, they thought that they had just passed out since there were no wounds or traces of blood on them. However, after closer inspection, they noticed that all of them had stopped breathing.

Not only that, these people had all died the same way. They had all suffered severe internal injuries. Their insides were destroyed to pieces and they had died on the spot.

At this moment, Lu Tingxiao ran swiftly to the pile of rubble.

Beside the rubble also lay two bodies of mercenaries. Their guns were lying on the ground, and there was still a large area of dark red bloodstains that had yet to dry up.

"What's going on?" Tang Lang vigilantly looked around.

At this moment, Yun Shen caught up too. He stared at the bloodstains on that rubble, then glanced at those mercenaries' bodies. His expression turned even more dreary.

He hinted at his subordinate, then someone immediately brought the small leader over.

"Where did they go?" Yun Shen asked with a darkened expression.

The leader peered around, then looked at the dead mercenaries strewn around. In shock, he remarked, "Earlier, they were still... How did this happen? Uncle Qiao had even especially ordered them to bring the body back after they were done..."

The leader sneaked a look at Lu Tingxiao. "Send the body to the Lu residence..."

"Did someone enter earlier?" Lu Tingxiao asked.

The leader looked at Lu Tingxiao and did not answer. He felt that he could not answer the rival's questions truthfully in front of his boss, yet in the next second his own boss gave him a boot in the shins. "He's asking you a question! Apart from us, did anyone else enter?"

The leader quickly answered, "No! Apart from you guys, no one else has entered! And no one else has left either! Our people are guarding in a radius of dozens of miles. If anyone has gone out, I'd definitely know!"

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