Chapter 1851: The Missing Person Returns

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Chapter 1851: The Missing Person Returns

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Liu Wenliang's expression darkened as he harbored his rage inside him after being annoyed for the whole day.

How was that my fault?

If Liang Feixing is professional, then get him over here!

"CEO Wang, if it wasn't for Zheng Anru leaking the photo on her own accord and promising me that things wouldn't go wrong, today wouldn't have happened! When did she ever see me as the PR Director? Now that trouble has arisen, what can I do?"

"What do you mean by that, Liu Wenliang? If it wasn't for your incompetence, would I need to think of ideas myself? You didn't say anything back then when the feedback was positive, did you?"

"What else could I have said when you've already gone ahead to do it? I told you that such compact rounds of promotion would make the fans get tired. Keep a suitable distance and mysterious aura around her, but did you listen to me?"

"I brought Zixuan up to this point. Do you think I need you to teach me? You know nothing about promoting at all!"


As the people of Starlight were having a war between themselves…

At the same time, at Glory World Entertainment.

A group of interns and artistes who were available watched the live streaming of the press conference of "The World" together. They were so excited that they almost jumped.

No matter if it were those who were on amicable terms with Ning Xi or those who did not like her, they were all really excited to see Ning Xi appear again.

If Ning Xi's debut could save Glory World, then they would be saved too!

"Oh my God! Bro Xi! It's really Bro Xi! Bro Xi is back!"

"So, Glory World has hope now?"

"Maybe not? Glory World is a lot more different than before as Bro Xi has retired for a year after all…"

"So what? Bro Xi was really cool, messing up that press conference! She totally overpowered Han Zixuan! Now, it's just a matter of time!"

As the group of artistes was discussing it, someone looked in the front and screamed.


The crowd then saw Xu Tao leading a person into the company. The person beside Xu Tao was exactly the person they were discussing.

"Bro Xi!"

"Bro Xi, we missed you! Where have you been for the past year?"

"Bro Xi, you're really back!"

"Bro Xi, is your manager Bro Tao now?"

Ning Xi looked at the familiar and strange faces and smiled at each and every one of them as she replied everybody.

"Yes, Bro Tao is my manager now."

"No way! You have to reconsider, Bro Xi! If he misleads you…" The people around started to tease Xu Tao, not really meaning ill at all.

Xu Tao's mouth twitched. "Hey, you bastards! What are you guys talking about in front of my queen? Do you guys want to die?"

Everyone laughed.

As Ning Xi was surrounded by everyone, a person rushed out from the group and snatched Ning Xi like a kidnapper.

"Ah, Bro Xi! Who's that?! What's happening?"

"Stop him!"

"It's alright. It's Senior Jiang."

Ning Xi turned her head around and explained as Xu Tao almost kicked the person.

Everyone was speechless.

The missing person Lei Ming had been crying for had finally returned…

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