Chapter 1852: Not So Thirsty

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Chapter 1852: Not So Thirsty

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In an empty corridor, they both stared at each other.

Ning Xi gawked at Jiang Muye's haggard features and laughed, "Tsk, time is really a killer…"

Jiang Muye's heart was racing when he saw the girl's smile. Blood rushed to his head and he was dumbfounded.

Ever since Ning Xi had fallen into a coma, he had never seen her again after that time at the sanatorium.

Despite it being a year, the girl in front of him still reminded him of the first time he had seen her in America.

The feeling of his first love…

Jiang Muye scratched his head in annoyance and pressed his chest. Stop, heart! You useless thing!

After calming himself down, Jiang Muye clenched his teeth. "Damn you, Ning Xiao Xi! What are you talking about?! I've been staying cool for way too long and I just wanted to experience what it's like being a mortal, okay?"

Ning Xi tried not to laugh and nodded sagely. "As expected of your wisdom, Senior Jiang!"

Jiang Muye was blinded by the girl's smile, so he avoided her eyes and cursed to himself. "You... When you did wake up?"

"Uhh…" Ning Xi sounded a little hesitant and then replied, "Well... It has been some time…"

Jiang Muye was incensed "What?! You've woken up for some time already and you didn't tell me about it? Ning Xiao Xi, do you take me as your brother?"

Ning Xi smiled cheekily. "If I'd told you earlier, you'll never be surprised!"

"I'm not happy with the surprise at all!"

His butt had almost broken into half when he had seen her on the screen!

"Also, I never thought of you as my brother, but I'm taking you as my nephew!"

Jiang Muye's features twisted. "Stop that nephew nonsense!"

Jiang Muye suddenly went silent as he thought about something.

After a while, he spoke up, "I saw the live stream just now, and Chen Mian's Weibo…"

Jiang Muye looked a little frustrated. "I don't need a woman to clean up my mess! What did you promise that old fox Chen Mian?"

Ning Xi replied, "I just said I'll pay him back with a movie."

Jiang Muye's expression changed. "Damn! No wonder! That sly fox!"

"I suggested it myself. I have to star in movies after coming out of retirement anyway. Plus, it was great working with him the last time too."

Jiang Muye's expression did not look very good when he listened to Ning Xi's explanation.

Ning Xi smiled and said, "Senior Jiang, when I just joined in the industry... I know you never said it and always messed with me, but you've helped me a lot behind my back. What happened this time was mostly because of me too... It's time for me to help you back this time, Senior Jiang!"

Jiang Muye blushed and he turned his face away. "Bastard, why are you suddenly reminiscing about the past? I'm having goosebumps!"

Jiang Muye then asked doubtfully, "You... How did you know those photos were fake? Did Lei Ming tell you?"

Ning Xi raised her eyebrows. "Do I need Bro Ming to tell me?"

"Then, how did you know?"

It was solid proof after all. A lot of fans gave up on him after they saw the photo.

Ning Xi spread her palms open. "I think... although you don't have much integrity, you wouldn't be this thirsty."

Jiang Muye was speechless.

Who was the one who had poor integrity!?

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