Chapter 1953 - Female Lead of This Movie

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Chapter 1953: Female Lead of This Movie

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“Let me handle this.” Lisa beamed.

These professional makeup artists followed the “Assassin” crew around the whole country.

Lisa was Chinese and spoke Mandarin fluently. She offered to be Ning Xi’s exclusive makeup artist when she found out that a Chinese was going to be the lead character.

She lay out all her makeup on the table, yet she did not do anything for some time.

“Lisa, what’s the issue?” Ning Xi was confused.

Lisa looked surprised. “Ms. Ning Xi, in 17 years of my career, I’ve never seen anyone with skin as good as yours.”

The light makeup on Ning Xi right now was already perfect. There was nothing more to be done.

The makeup needed for the main character in the movie was not much. She just needed a style that was clean and simple.

“Thank you,” said Ning Xi humbly.

“Ms. Ning Xi, I think… you don’t need any more makeup.” Lisa seemed disappointed as she was keen to show off her skills. In the end, she just did some minor touch-ups.

Several other makeup artists looked at Ning Xi’s direction.

“I don’t see how good her skin is. Is there a problem with her eyes?”

“No matter how amazing her skin is, can she be better than Caucasians?”

The two dark-skinned girls stared at Ning Xi unhappily.

“Ignore them! They’re being discriminated against themselves, yet they want to mock other people to feel better!” Lisa comforted Ning Xi.

Ning Xi smiled and did not mind.

Lisa, on the other hand, had seen too many situations like this.

It was not just actors from China. Many big shots from other countries would be discriminated the moment they were involved in Hollywood.

Of course, Ning Xi’s case of snatching the lead role had never happened before, so it was unbelievable.

Lisa had heard some rumors from the crew.

The initial decision was not to have Ning Xi as the female lead, but for some unknown reason, the production team decided to change at the very last minute.

“Lilian, you’re here!”

The two dark-skinned girls looked cheerfully at the girl coming in.

A Caucasian came into the dressing room with her assistant.

Lilian was incensed when she found out her role was replaced, especially when she knew that her replacement was a Chinese actress.

Her eyes were filled with a hint of darkness when she saw Ning Xi.

“Come here and sit, Lilian.”

One of the dark-skinned girls quickly stood up and left the seat for her.

Lilian’s assistant glanced at Ning Xi and frowned. “Who is this minor actress? Is just anyone allowed in the dressing room?”

“This is Ms. Ning Xi, the female lead of this movie,” Lisa said calmly.

“Ning Xi? Who’s that? I’ve never heard of her before. Anyone heard of her before?”

Lilian’s assistant gave everyone around her a warning glare.

“Nope, who’s that? Never heard of that name before!”

“Could she the female lead spot by sleeping with some higher-ups? I know there are a lot of dirty deals going around in the Chinese entertainment industry!”

The two girls laughed coldly.

“Stop saying such ridiculous things! Didn’t your parents teach you any manners?” Lisa stared at the girls and warned them.

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