Chapter 1957 - This Is Not Too Logical

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Chapter 1957: This Is Not Too Logical

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Initially, Ning Xi wanted to ask the duo who had died who was the one behind all of this, but Han Xiao…

He did not even blink when killing them. Instead, he talked about mistakes and oily hands… Who was he trying to fool?

Did this guy know something?

“These two people… Each one of them means treating me to a family bucket. Two people means two buckets. That should be about it,” said Han Xiao.

Ning Xi was speechless. She could not help but pity the two assassins. In Han Xiao’s eyes, their lives were only worth a family bucket.

In fact, it was not even a luxury family bucket.

“Sure, sure, sure, I’ll treat you to two hundred buckets. I’ll watch you finish eating it.” Ning Xi was a little helpless. Han Xiao was sometimes crazy to the point of horrific, and sometimes he was like a child that could not grow up.

“Ha… You said so, but I’m not free tonight. I have a date. I’ll look for you.”

Han Xiao turned around and waved. Before Ning Xi could say anything, he had already disappeared and was nowhere in sight.

“A date…”

Ning Xi could not help but roll her eyes.

She had never seen any woman Han Xiao. Forget about women, she had never even seen men.

If he was going to have an excuse, he should have come up with something more believable!

Ning Xi returned to her garden home in Deer Town. She did not see Lu Tingxiao, yet Lu Jingli had come over.

This guy seemed to be coming over less and less frequently. Apparently, he was too stuffed with all the public display of affection.

“Why are you here? Hungry?” Ning Xi opened the door for Lu Jingli and let him in, then she raised her brows to ask.

Lu Jingli gazed bitterly at her. “Sis-in-law, you’re humble. What’s in my stomach is enough to keep me stuffed till the next lifetime. Sis-in-law, I’ve come to look for you because I heard my brother say that you’re playing the female lead in ‘Assassin’! Are you really?” Lu Jingli asked excitedly.

Ning Xi nodded. “Yeah, where’s your brother?”

Lu Jingli walked around Ning Xi. “At the company. He’s had some things to handle in the company for the past few days!”

Ning Xi wanted to call Lu Tingxiao, but when she heard Lu Jingli say that Lu Tingxiao was busy, she decided against it.

“Sis-in-law, I know that one moment apart seems like three years to you, but just tell me properly. What my brother said, is it real or is it fake?

“‘Assassin’ is Hollywood’s mega-classic which has swept all sorts of huge awards. Even though you’re considered a big shot and an A-lister in China, but in Hollywood, you’re really not considered much. Maybe to dominate the China market, they’ll let you play the supporting role. That’s still possible… but to let you play the female lead, and in a mega-classic film that’s anticipated by everyone, that isn’t very logical…”

Lu Jingli was definitely no stranger to the movie.

One could even say that all those who have meddled in the entertainment industry would have watched “Assassin”.

Even if many years have passed, many films with high praises and attracted crowds had many scenes that paid homage to “Assassin”.

Now that “Assassin” was being remade, it caused quite a stir in the entire entertainment industry in China. It was extremely hard for many of the popular artistes to get even just a small role.

“I’m not lying to you. It’s real,” said Ning Xi helplessly.

When Lu Jingli heard Ning Xi admit it herself, he still could not believe it.

After the remake of “Assassin” was announced with such a never-before-seen line-up, everyone remarked how extremely rare it was.

The male lead was even played by the famous Steve Weir who was globally renowned as King Weir, Hollywood’s top actor.

The initial female lead, Lilian, was now one of Hollywood’s most prominent female stars who should be about the same age as Ning Xi, but in Hollywood, she was already named as the top actress at such a tender age. She had even been titled with the honor of being Female Artiste of the Year.

Previously, she had even acted with King Weir in a movie named “Mystery Town of Lowe” which received lots of raving reviews.

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