Chapter 201: Goodnight, I love you

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Seeing Ning Xi arrive, Lu Ting Xiao’s expression was relieved. “Are you done working?”

“Yes, mostly done” Ning Xi nodded. She sat on the bed after tucking the little bun into his quilt.

The little bun immediately grabbed the colorful fairytale book that he looked at with contempt before with his small hand and handed it to Ning Xi to read.

“Continue from where we left off last night?” Ning Xi asked.

The small bun clinging to her gave a well behaved nod.

“Well, today we will read the story of the polite little rabbit.”

Ning Xi cleared her throat and began telling the story to the little bun,

“In the hot summer, the birds and the trees shouted: It’s hot! The beautiful little white rabbit wearing a pretty floral skirt, was humming a song, and bouncing along a bridge. It was on its way across to go find some mushrooms……”

As Ning Xi read the story, Lu Ting Xiao sat next to her on the chair supporting his head and quietly listened to her soft, sweet voice.

He seemed to understand why his son insisted on listening to such childish content before going to sleep every night.

It’s not the story’s content, but rather who read the story.

Less than five minutes into the story, the little bun had fallen asleep.

“Sorry to trouble you” Lu Ting Xiao said thankfully.

“It’s no trouble.” Ning Xi said, and looked conflicted she continued, “Lu Ting Xiao, did you know I used to hate children?”


Ning Xi nodded, but did not reveal the real reason, “Anyway, I used to think that children were annoying. I wanted to hide every time I saw them…….but I never knew that I would actually like the little bun. I’m not really clear when I developed this feeling, but I feel comfortable with him. Like we have a special connection, or maybe it is fate!”

Lu Ting Xiao looked deeply into her eyes, “In this world, nothing is impossible. Only situations that you haven’t met yet.”

“I would like to go back to sleep, boss you also have to rest!” Ning Xi nervously replied.

“Yes,”Lu Ting Xiao replied. Then suddenly he leaned towards her. Ning Xi was shocked, and subconsciously backed away to hide. Lu Ting Xiao seeing this, moved quickly past her face, leaned over and kissed the little bun behind her and whispered, “Goodnight.”

Late at night, Ning Xi was drowsy and half asleep. She dreamt that Lu Ting Xiao sat beside her, kissed her on the lips, and said “Goodnight, I love you.”

… …

Well this was obviously a dream, it had to be a dream. But why did it feel so real?


At the same time in the Pearl River Apartments.

It was late at night but Ning Xuelo’s apartment was still brightly lit, filled to the brim with an oppressive atmosphere.

Chang Li and Cui Caijing are sitting on the corner of the sofa , unable to utter a cry due to the atmosphere. Since things developed to this point, who wouldn’t be angry at this time. Who thought that after Ning Xi was swept out, she would gain favor and sign onto Golden Age Entertainment.

If she had signed with any other company, it would be easy enough for Starlight Entertainment to block them. But it just had to be that company! In front of Golden Age, Starlight Entertainment’s ban order was nothing but a joke.

Chang Li wanted to comfort Ning Xuelo and say that with Ning Xi’s reputation now, even Starlight couldn’t get her out of trouble. But she couldn’t say those words. After all even Lu Ting Xiao came out to support her!

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