Chapter 2051 - Future of Chinese Style

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Chapter 2051: Future of Chinese Style

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After a moment of dead silence, everyone started talking about it. They looked at David in rage, and the audiences back in the country were absolutely furious.

“Damn you, David! Scum! Monster! You’ve disgraced our country!”

“Liar, I’m going to burn all the clothes from History in my wardrobe! Disgusting!”

“What a shameless person! You’d better stay overseas for the rest of your life. If you come back, I’ll beat you up again and again!”

David’s face turned beet red with all the scoldings.

Akas looked troubled as well. The proof was right in front of him, so he had nothing more to say. He then announced on the spot that David would be kicked out of the society and would be blacklisted forever.

As everything was revealed and after Akas announced those words right before everyone in the huge Lorraine Palace, David suddenly started yelling, “So what if I used his designs!? If it was not for me, his work would just be rotting somewhere!

“His talent is already all used up. Except for those work, he can’t design anything anymore. He just wants to use me as a stepping stone now! If it wasn’t for me, his works would just be a bunch of trash! Worthless! He’s a trash himself! Trash!”

David’s rambling just made everyone hate him even more. Even Ning Xueluo could not stand him. Her expression was so appalled that she hoped she could throw him out of the place herself.

The venue finally became quiet again after the security guards took David out.

“I’m sorry, the show was ruined because of me,” Gong Shangze said apologetically.

Akas looked a little awkward. He was blaming himself. “It’s our fault for not knowing people better. We almost let a shameless bastard infect the fashion industry. It’s the responsibility of the society.”

At this moment, Akas suddenly remembered that a long time ago, he received multiple emails from the same person reporting that History’s lead designer David had stolen his work.

However, he ignored it because the person was not able to provide any evidence.

He never expected that the matter would be exposed today in this manner.

The vice president, Said, went up on stage to clear up the awkward atmosphere. “Having such a horrendous liar into the sacred fashion hall is an insult to the whole of the fashion industry! We’ll surely punish the thief accordingly, and at the same time, protect those who truly love fashion, and protect the rights of talented designers!”

The crowd gave a grand round of applause.

The vice president was relieved, then he quickly added on, “This time, Spirit brought us some of their latest work. Let us look forward to the treasured designer who brought us amazing surprises and the demonstration of the beautiful Chinese culture. What sort of surprise will he bring us again!?”

As the vice president spoke, the T-shaped stage was ready and the show resumed.

Everyone focused on the stage. All the Chinese live streaming members held their breaths and stared at their screens nervously.

Many people knew that initially, Spirit did have a lot of great works, but they had been on hiatus for quite some time.

Could it really be as David said, that Gong Shangze’s talent had come to an end?

Could it really be the end of the trend for the Chinese style here?

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