Chapter 2101 - Gossipy Heart Ignited

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Chapter 2101: Gossipy Heart Ignited

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Guests who had come from afar would stay in the resort. The next day, the entire banquet would be held al fresco on the wide lawn behind the resort. The main venue had been set up with a dance floor, a small band, a huge LED screen, and all sorts of delicious food and good wine.

There was a racing track, a swimming pool, a golf course, and other entertainment facilities nearby, providing guests with relaxing activities to past the time.

There were not many guests present, yet everyone one of them were top aristocrats and came from influential families, including some of the more well-known nobilities from abroad.

Ning Xi had actually arrived earlier. She wanted to help around, but Yan Ruyi was afraid she would be worn out, so she did not let her get involved.

Meng Linlang had been worrying that Ning Xi would not be able to handle complicated matters such as the Lu family’s clan, but Ning Xi did not meet with any issues. Not only had Yan Ruyi never demand anything from her, she even kept saying to her that she was the young lady of the Lu family house and that since she was married into the family, but she should also be loved and pampered. She urged her to leave all the complicated matters to the servants. Otherwise, why would they keep them for?

Thus, Ning Xi had actually become the most relaxed one there. She held her cup of fruit juice and found a quiet place to sit while waiting for the banquet to officially begin.

The place Ning Xi waited at was near the shooting range. She watched the group of young men and ladies shooting not too far away.

“Xiao Xi, you’re here too! Where’s Aunty Lin?” Not too far away, someone suddenly walked towards her and greeted her in a slightly surprised tone. It was very cordial, yet not abrupt. Instead, it was just right.

Today, Ning Xi had rarely dressed more high-profile and wore a long maroon gown that complemented her so splendidly.

No matter where she sat, even if she did not do anything, she would be a sight that people could not tear their eyes away from.

Even if it were someone as unflustered as Li Muyan, he already could not disguise the stunned look in his eyes right now.

“Mr. Li.” When she saw who it was, Ning Xi politely greeted him. “Aunty isn’t here yet. I came over first.”

“In that case, want to go over and join us?” Li Muyan invited.

“Bro Muyan!” At this moment, a female voice interrupted their conversation.

A Caucasian girl who seemed rather sweet in appearance and donned a light yellow dress had run over very quickly before clinging on to Li Muyan’s arm possessively. She sized up Ning Xi with much vigilance. “So, it’s you who’s charmed Bro Muyan silly until he’s ignoring me?”

Li Muyan frowned unhappily. “Lisa, don’t be nonsensical. This is…”

“I know! She’s the huge celebrity, Ning Xi, isn’t she? Everyone knows her! Bro Muyan, I was wondering how high your standards were, yet you fancied a woman like this who only has good looks?” The girl appeared unconvinced.

“Eliza! Xiao Xi is my friend!” Li Muyan emphasized as he looked like he was really furious.

The girl called Eliza then pouted and did not say anything, but she still was not willing to give up. “Ning Xi, let’s compete. I heard your fans say that your marksmanship is excellent and that you personally did all the shooting scenes in ‘Assassin’. Want to compete? Ten bullets and we calculate the total score. Bro Muyan will go to whoever wins!”

Li Muyan looked embarrassed. He walked to Ning Xi’s side and softly explained, “I’m sorry, Xiao Xi. Liza has been pampered silly by her family since she was young, so she’s a little headstrong, plus she’s been educated abroad since she was little. She’s more straightforward, but she doesn’t actually have any ill intentions.”

Not too far away, Lu Jingli was initially decorating the venue when he saw what was going on nearby from the corner of his eye. Suddenly, his gossipy heart was ignited and he instantly video called Lu Tingxiao.

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