Chapter 2102 - Someone Wants To Steal Your Wife Again

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Chapter 2102: Someone Wants To Steal Your Wife Again

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Hey, hey, hey! Bro, guess who I saw today?! Today at such an occassion, there’s actually a love rival here that dares to crash your party! And it’s even Minister Li’s son! Hahaha, Bro, your love rival has even leveled up! Each one ranks higher than the one before!”

At the moment, Lu Tingxiao was still busy in the office, but when he received Lu Jingli’s call and saw the video on his phone, his gaze could not tear away from the screen.

His girl… was amazingly beautiful today…

“Bro… Bro… Are you listening to what I’m saying?” Lu Tingxiao saw his brother’s expression in the video, then he was tortured by his silent display of affection.

“Hey! I know your wife is very beautiful today, but please can you move your gaze a little to the side and feel a little for the crisis at hand? Someone wants to steal your wife again!”

He could not even bear to use the word “again”…

On the other end, facing Li Muyan’s apology and explanation, Ning Xi did not say much. “No worries.”

When Eliza saw Li Muyan speak softly with Ning Xi, she was even more incensed. “Hey, are you going to compete or not!? I hate people who dillydally and still want to fight with others the most. Let’s decide who wins or lose once and for all. The loser has to quit. Whatever you want to compete in: the art of tea, horse riding, or swimming, you can decide!”

Li Muyan never would have thought that Eliza would bump into Ning Xi today and even say so many things that were inappropriate. He was already feeling very anxious at the moment, concerned that it would affect the image that he had been keeping up in front of Ning Xi for such a long time.

However, he was actually secretly anticipating… anticipating to see whether Ning Xi would mind. Initially, with his capabilities, he could completely resolve this conflict. However, he did not stop Eliza. Instead, he wished to use the opportunity to get a reaction out of Ning Xi

“Ms. Eliza seems to have misunderstood something. Mr. Li and I are just friends. In fact, I’m already married.” Ning Xi did not want to cause any misunderstanding, so she just explained frankly.

Eliza suddenly laughed. Everyone knew that Ning Xi was single. How could she be married?

Every single action by a top celebrity like her would be watched closely by numerous eyes. If she was really married, she would not have been able to keep it as a secret for long.

“What? Afraid of humiliating yourself, so you intentionally say such things to save your face? Okay, I’ll just pretend you’re married, but just ’cause you’re married doesn’t mean you’re not interested in Bro Muyan. If you have nothing to hide, then just compete once with me! If I lose, I will stop caring whatever transpires between you and Bro Muyan!”

Ning Xi lightly swirled the glass in her head as she looked at Li Muyan who did not seem to have intentions of restraining Eliza.

At this moment, more and more people started to surround them to watch.

She waited for a moment, and when she saw that Li Muyan still did not seem to speak up, Ning Xi’s thin lips parted to say, “Okay, let’s shoot.”

When he heard this, Li Muyan’s pupils suddenly shrunk. He seemed not to have expected Ning Xi to agree to it.

As for Ning Xi saying that she was already married, he had subconsciously presumed that she had only used that as an excuse to avoid conflict with Eliza.

Eliza only knew that Ning Xi was skilled at shooting, but she did not know that Ning Xi was Elder Chief Zhuang’s granddaughter. He had heard Meng Linlang mention more than once that Ning Xi’s marksmanship was close to perfection and that she was even more talented than Zhuang Rongguang.

“What!? Sis-in-law agreed!” Lu Jingli was still not doing his proper duties and live streaming for his brother.

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