Chapter 2153 - I Can Take Their Affection Anytime

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Chapter 2153: I Can Take Their Affection Anytime

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“Bro Xi’s the real deal anyway. She only needs herself and doesn’t need to rely on anyone else!”

“That’s right!”

As the bunch was happily gossiping, someone suddenly yelled in the direction of the entrance, “Bro Xi!”

“Oh! Goddess!”

“Lady Boss!”

Someone called Ning Xi “Lady Boss”, then everyone else followed after that.

Ning Xi felt funny about how hyped up they were. She smiled and greeted everyone, then she went upstairs to meet Xu Tao.

As she was about to walk up, there were sounds of hurried footsteps behind her.

“Oh my God, it’s Big Boss!”

“A real living Boss!”

Suddenly, all the working staff stared behind her and screamed. Ning Xi turned around and saw that it was Lu Tingxiao.

“Uhh, what’s up?” Ning Xi looked at him.

“Scarf.” Lu Tingxiao had a lamb-wool scarf in his hand. He gently wrapped it around her neck.

Ning Xi touched the warm scarf. “It’s alright. There’s air conditioning in the office.”

Lu Tingxiao then took a carefully-packaged meal box from Cheng Feng.

Ning Xi quickly accepted it. “Oh, I forgot about this! I’ve been quite sleepy recently. My brain power is running low!”

Lu Tingxiao frowned. “Do you still remember how to take medicine and nutritional supplements?”

Ning Xi scratched her head. “I think so.”

“I’ll tell you one more time…” As Lu Tingxiao was about to tell her, he stopped and pinched between his eyebrows. “Forget about it.”

He looked at Cheng Feng and instructed, “Delay the meeting today.”

“Huh? But, Boss, it’s been delayed once already…” Cheng Feng’s eyes met with the sharp eyes of his boss, then he changed his tone. “I got it! I’ll let them know now!”

There was nothing more important than the Lady Boss now. Even if the company was going down, the Boss probably would not even bat an eyelid.

Ning Xi was worried when she heard Lu Tingxiao delaying his meeting. “You can go back to work. I’ll be fine on my own, really!”

“Change the date for the observation this afternoon too.”

“Got it, Boss!”

Ning Xi was speechless.

In the end, Lu Tingxiao postponed all the work he had that day and followed Ning Xi upstairs.

At this moment, all the working staff at Glory World Entertainment gushed.

“I’m so done!”

“I can take their affection anytime!”

“The Boss is really crazy when protecting his wife! I want to rant on Weibo! Where’s the Protection Society for Single People!?”

“Hmm, darling, I think Bro Tao would be scared if you follow me!” Ning Xi mumbled before entering Xu Tao’s office.

As Ning Xi expected, after they pushed the door open and when Xu Tao saw the Big Boss, he almost wet himself.

He felt guilty after all! He had said so many bad things about the Boss yesterday!


Ning Xi made Lu Tingxiao sit down on the sofa nearby while she sat in front of Xu Tao’s table. “Bro Tao, just ignore him. We’ll talk about the leftover work.”

Before her wedding, she had to finish some jobs.

At this moment, Xu Tao was on the verge of crying!

The Boss had such a looming presence that it was impossible to ignore him.

Xu Tao eased up slightly when Lu Tingxiao was not noticing him and just talked to the assistant. He started arranging some of the leftover work for Ning Xi at this stage.

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