Chapter 254: What Is The Number Of Points

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Chapter 254 – What Is The Number Of Points

Posted at 7:34 am by blazaria, on July 14, 2017

As if killing her is not enough, Lu Ting Xiao mercilessly twisted the knife!!

Lu Ting Xiao: “How many points now?”

“Why would I tell you! I’m not stupid! I’m hanging up! My assistant is still waiting for me!” Ning Xi quickly hung up the phone.

This was a sad reminder! Sure enough, she should avoid having any contact with Lu Ting Xiao!

When Ning Xi got off the phone, Lu Ting Xiao’s face still had a smile that had not subsided. Feeling glad, suddenly a big face got in his way, whining with a tone full of resentment, “Brother~ be honest~~~ are you hiding anything from me?”

Lu Ting Xiao did not deny it and simply raised a brow, “Is it very obvious?”

His reply gave Lu Jingli a severe blow, and he dramatically fell to the ground and rolled, “Ow! You really are hiding something from me! I am your brother, your most competent lieutenant, your little jacket (right hand man)! You actually dare hide something from me and not tell me?”

“You can’t guess it?”

“Hey! I’ll guess, I’ll guess!” Lu Jingli hopped back up and began pacing back and forth. Three minutes later, he suddenly stopped and turned to look at Lu Ting Xiao. “You deliberately sent away Little Treasure the day before yesterday. Ning Xi would be starting work in two days and since she would be very busy, you knew time was running out! So within those two days, you would have certainly made a big move! Big move……was it a confession?”

Lu Ting Xiao: “Continue.”

Did this mean that he guessed right?

Lu Jingli’s eyes lit up as he continued to speculate: “The confession most probably didn’t succeed, otherwise you wouldn’t be here at the office, but definitely on the bed.

Lu Ting Xiao: “……”

Finally, Lu Jingli snapped his fingers, and concluded with certainty, “There’s only one truth! You confessed to Little Xixi, and she didn’t accept you, but also didn’t refuse. She is probably thinking, and the likelihood of her saying a yes is very big! So that’s why you’re in a good mood!”

Lu Ting Xiao looked at his brother’s beaming face, and an unnoticeable gentleness appeared on his face……

He had a cold personality since birth, and didn’t get along well with others. Even his relationship with his biological parents was very weak, but only this brother, he would stay around him all day when others hid in fear of him. He knew he always had a cold face, yet his brother did not care and did not get angry. He dislike speaking, thus his brother would guess his thoughts by himself, and they were always accurate.

He thought he was already lucky enough and would have never expected that fate would allow him to meet Ning Xi.

The next day.

From midsummer to early autumn, “Land Under Heaven” would finally resume filming after the many twists and turns regarding the cast.

Because of the changes in script, the screen time for Ning Xuelo and Zhao Sizhou had been reduced by a fair amount. Initially, Ning Xuelo and Ning Xi had three more scenes together, but they had all been cut. This meant that during her remaining few shoots, she would not be meeting Ning Xuelo in the studio anymore, which saved her a lot of worry. She can finally focus on filming the movie.

Today’s shoot was mainly Ning Xi and Jiang Muye’s two important scenes. Not only did Ning Xi’s agent Lin Zhizhi come, Jiang Muye’s agent Lei Ming also personally came, it is thus clear that the importance of the two scenes today.

Ning Xi and Jiang Muye arrived almost at the same time.

“Senior Brother Jiang~” Ning Xi sweetly greeted. She quick-wittedly changed the way she address him, from “Senior Jiang” to “Senior Brother Jiang”.

“Ah, Junior Sister!” Looking at Ning Xi who was pretending to be a well-behaved little girl, Jiang Muye shuddered, getting goosebumps.

Then, his eyes casually swept over to Lin Zhizhi, who was beside Ning Xi……

(T/N Akari: she changed the way she address him from Senior Jiang [江前辈] to Senior Brother Jiang [江师兄], because they are now under the same company, so like uhm, they have the same ‘teacher’, thus their r/s is now senior bro-sis. Whereas before, they were only under the same industry, so it’s the normal elder/senior greeting…ahaha.)

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