Chapter 255: Who Said She Was My Ex Girlfriend

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Lin Zhizhi was talking to Lei Ming, and did not notice Jiang Muye’s pointed look. After finishing their conversation, she turned to face Ning Xi and exhorted, “Ning Xi, Brother Ming and I have something to discuss, go and rehearse your scenes properly with your Senior brother.”

“Alright Sister Zhizhi, you go ahead too~”

After politely waving her hands to send Lin Zhizhi off, Ning Xi immediately restored her little devil state, and spookily looked at Jiang Muye. “Tsk tsk tsk, Golden Hair, did you see it just now? I even felt sorry and agrieved for Sister Zhizhi after knowing she was your ex-girlfriend. I was worried that the both of you will feel awkward after meeting, but in the end, Sister Zhizhi didn’t even glance at you! She was so cool! I am really beginning to like Sister Zhizhi more and more!”

Jiang Muye gritted his teeth and stared at her fiercely, “Who in the world told you that she was my ex-girlfriend!”

Ning Xi blinked innocently, “Wasn’t it you who said it?”

“Scram! I did not even mention a word about it, it was all your groundless assumptions!”

“Who told your actions to be so easily misunderstood ah……” Ning Xi grumbled, and immediately after, she became more curious, “Since she isn’t your ex-girlfriend, then what on earth is your relationship with her? Why are you so afraid of her?”

“Since when was I afraid of her? Ning Xiao Xi, can you stop your divergent thinking!” Jiang Muye was almost tormented to death by her.

In order to fish for more information, Ning Xi made her voice gentler to appease him, “Alright, alright. I’ll stop having foolish ideas. Say it yourself then! What’s the matter with the two of you?”

“What other matter is there? She only used to be my agent!” Jiang Muye flipped his script roughly, feeling annoyed.

Ning Xi, feeling surprised, stared with wide eyes, “No way, Sister Zhizhi was your agent?”

Jiang Muye rolled his eyes at her, “What, why not?” What’s with her expression?

Ning Xi shooked her head, and sighed, “It is simply more pitiful than being your ex-girlfriend……”

The entire industry knows how wild Jiang Muye’s personality was, none of his assistants lasted for more than a week.

The only reason why Lei Ming was still his agent for so long without changing was because, even though Lei Ming had a very muscular body, and looked fierce, but in actual fact, his personality was extremely good. He was extremely patient, thus he was able to be by Jiang Muye’s side for that long.

After knowing that Lin Zhizhi and Jiang Muye did not have that kind of relationship, Ning Xi heaved a sigh of relief. If not, the relationship between the three of them might become awkward easily if one little thing went wrong.

At this time, Xiao Tao directed people to move a deck chair that looked super luxurious near Ning Xi, then said, “Sister Ning, here’s a seat for you!”

In the filming group, only the female lead and male lead or those with a higher status get to enjoy this kind of deck chair. Previously, Ning Xi had always been sitting on a small stool at the corner, and at most it will just be a chair. She never thought that there will be a day where she will receive such good treatment……

“Thanks for the hardwork, Xiao Tao!” Ning Xi said in a grateful tone.

Even though Xiao Tao had always felt regretful that Leng Manyun left the industry, and was not satisfied with her current role, but when it was work time, she was still quite diligent.

“Wanna rehearse?” Ning Xi raised her script and asked, resolutely implementing her dearest agent’s order.

“Rehearse, your butt! I played games the entire night yesterday and did not sleep! I’m going to make up for my sleep! Don’t bother me!” After speaking, Jiang Muye used his script to cover his face and he snored away.

“……” Ning Xi quietly lit a candle for Lei Ming in her heart. After that, she rejoiced for Lin Zhizhi, for she was able to put an end to her misery, fortunately!

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