Chapter 256: I Am Your Man

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Chapter 256: I Am Your Man

Translator: Henyee Editor: Henyee

Even when getting makeup done, Jiang Muye had his eyes closed, and he slept all the way to the start of filming.

Director Guo was already calling for everyone to take their places, and he was still sleeping. Ning Xi couldn’t take it anymore, and kicked his chair.

Only then did Jiang Muye slowly wake up.

Today, they would be shooting a fight scene from a battle.

Meng Changge’s elder brother had been killed by the incompetent Emperor and the enabling Princess Xian. Little overlord Meng Changge grew up overnight, put on armor, and entered the battlefield, hence starting her long military career…

The general’s mansion had undergone a huge transformation, and Changan City no longer had a little overlord.

After Meng Changge left, Sun Huanqing finally realized his feelings for her, and resolutely followed Meng Changge onto the battlefield, becoming a military doctor.

Normally, a film was shot in order of which backlot the crew was currently on, not according to the development of the story itself. Therefore, they jumped a whole seven years to today’s scene, when Meng Changge had made a name for herself through her oustanding military achievements, even surpassing her father and elder brother’s accomplishments.

Incited by his treacherous ministers and Princess Xian, the Emperor had started to fear Meng Changge. He had demanded that she relinquish control of the military, and in order to restrain her, had also arranged her marriage to the incompetent twelfth prince.

Naturally, Meng Changge would rather die first.

And so, during a battle, she encountered the same fate that had befallen her elder brother; she wasn’t defeated by the enemy, but set up by her own people.

They lacked supplies, and no reinforcements arrived. After a while, they fell into despair…

Finally, the ultimate battle for life was at hand.

On set, all the staff members were in their places, and the reporters who had been previously invited had all arrived.

No one was more nervous than Director Guo Qisheng. If anything went wrong again this time, he would really bang his head to death!

Naturally, he wasn't worried about Ning Xi, but earlier, just as they were about to start, he had seen Jiang Muye still sleeping, as if his condition wasn’t very good. It was really stressing him out, ai!

"Okay! Ready, set! Action —"

After Guo Qisheng yelled "action", Ning Xi, who at the last second had still been discussing with Xiao Tao what to eat for lunch, instantly transformed.

Dead bodies littered the battlefield; only half of her men were left. Meng Changge was covered in blood; her eyes were scarlet and her face was murderous. She was a weapon on the move: meet god, kill god; meet Buddha, kill Buddha.

The moment when her strength almost failed her, and she was attacked from behind,, suddenly, the thin figure of a man in blue rushed over as he shouted in warning —

"Changge! Watch out —"

Only with the man’s warning was Meng Changge able to avoid the sneak attack, but when she saw who it was, she was instantly furious. With one bloody hand, she grabbed the man by his collar: "You’re in the way, who said you could be here?! Leave!!!"

Sun Huanqing didn’t move. "I’m not leaving! If you die, I die!"

Meng Changge flung him back hard, her face full of ridicule and disdain: "If I tell you to leave, you leave! A pretty boy without even the strength to truss up a chicken, what makes you think you are qualified to die with me!"

Sun Huanqing stood up from the mud and sand, and with a flash of a silver needle, he slit a man’s throat open, blood splattering his fair skin; at this moment, he didn’t have the compassionate eyes of a doctor, only a cold, killing intent —

"How about now?" he asked, looking stubborn and determined.

Meng Changge turned her head away, a struggle on her face.

At that instant, countless, complicated emotions flashed across Ning Xi’s face. At last, she sighed heavily, "You… forget it, do as you like… but don’t expect me to protect you!"

Jiang Muye stretched out a hand to gently wipe away the blood on Ning Xi’s face. His expression was tender and loving, and on a battlefield of smoke and blood, it was like a blossoming white lotus. "Changge, I am your man, I should be the one protecting you."

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