Chapter 257: Beastly Skill

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Chapter 257 – Beastly Skill

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Translator: Akari, Blaze

Editor: cfadmode


One perfect shot!!!

The audience burst into thunderous applause, especially the journalists and friends, they spared no effort to clap.

That was a very emotional action scene, and it could also be said to be extremely complex. No one thought that they could do it in one perfect shot, so they were quite surprised and delighted.

“Oh my god! Jiang Muye was drop-dead handsome! I thought that acting as a very weak doctor would definitely destroy his image! But the result was really surprising!”

“Yes ah, yes ah! Jiang Muye has definitely subverted his previous image! It feels like his acting has progressed alot! I totally don’t care who the main lead is now, I just want to see my family Doctor Sun’s scenes!”

“Especially that last sentence ‘I am your man’, it was really acted well, right? It was full of deep feeling!”

“I think so too! I always felt that there was something missing when Jiang Muye said these kind of sensational lines to the female lead. I finally know what was missing now. It was feelings ah! This time, Jiang Muye acted with feelings!”


At the side, Director Guo was so excited that he felt like crying. He and assistant director was hugging each other in excitement.

The acting really touched their hearts!

They never thought that it would be so smooth! The reactions of the reporters were really good too!

It was simply an auspicious start ah!

At the resting area.

Jiang Muye proudly said, “How was it? I already said there would be no problem! You people only know how to worry!”

“Ha-” Ning Xi had a disdained look. “That is because the person that you are acting with is big sister, me. If it was other people, with your dog shit state today, you would have to redo the scene at least twenty times, believe it or not!”

“Stop thinking so highly of yourself! If it was other people……at most it would be nineteen times!” Jiang Muye had a careless and casual tone.

Of course it was because the person that he was acting with was Ning Xi, thats why he was able to be at ease to act it all out! He’s not stupid ah!

Ning Xi’s greatest ability was not just ‘pressure acting’, but she was also able to make others smoothly act out their roles without being stopped and cut, at the first shot.

“Tsk, Ning Xiao Xi, this skill of yours is really abnormal……”

“You are the abnormal one!”


The two of them were continued to deride each other, until Lei Ming and Lin Zhizhi walked in.

Lei Ming was also full of excitement, he happily poured drink for Jiang Muye and gave him food. “Not bad, not bad, Muye. Your performance was very good today! It was completely beyond my expectations! You must continue to maintain it!”

Seeing Jiang Muye getting praised, Ning Xi was not happy. She looked at Lin Zhizhi, like a little kid asking for candy, “Sister Zhizhi, what about me, what about me?”

Even though Lin Zhizhi was not as excited as Lei Ming, but she still had a satisfied expression, “It was great, but you cannot be complacent, your most important scene is the next one.”

“Alright!” getting the three words ‘it was great’, Ning Xi was already very satisfied and delighted.

At the side, Jiang Muye took a glance at Lin Zhizhi, then turned his head away, and mumbled, “Didn’t expect it ah, mother tiger has become gentler after not seeing for years! You did not even treat me that gentle once before!”

At this moment, Lin Zhizhi finally gave him a glance, then expressionlessly said, “Put yourself in my shoes, if you were me back then, would you be able to be gentle to yourself?”

“……” Jiang Muye was choked by her words.

Shit! Was he a scumbag back then?

Seems like……he was indeed quite a scumbag……and not only then, but he is currently still a scumbagz……

Thinking it over, if he was Lin Zhizhi, he would want to beat himself up too……

At the same moment, the journalists who were outside were all very anxious to interview Ning Xi and Jiang Muye, but they were all stopped by the director. Only after the direction had expressed that there will be sufficient time after the shoot for an interview, then everyone settled down.

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