Chapter 259: Simply A Beast

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All the deep and resounding grief, the pain and hatred that wouldn’t fade — with just one sinister smile, Ning Xi was able to convey it all.

This time, everyone was utterly silent.

Until the end of the shoot, no one dared to make a sound, not even to breathe loudly, afraid of disturbing that sad, beautiful soul.

There were even a number of people whose eyes had turned red, and their tears fell without them realizing it.

It wasn't until Director Guo Qisheng signaled that filming had ended and the site started to clear that everyone suddenly came back to their senses, and recovered from the sorrow.

"Holy shit, I actually cried while watching the scene!"

"Wah wah, so did I, so did I! My heart felt so heavy! Doctor Sun! My Doctor Sun actually died!"

"Ning Xi’s acting is just. Too. Awesome! I realize now, that extras clip they released was just a drop in the bucket! And I finally understand why Guo Qisheng stood his ground and insisted on using her!"

"Why isn’t Ning Xi the female lead? Compared with the endlessly virtuous and moral female lead, Shangguang Yingrong, Meng Changge this character is much more profound!"

In the dressing room, the pain and murderous aura around Ning Xi hadn’t faded after her makeup had been removed, to the extent that Xiao Tao, who brought her lunch, didn’t dare approach her.

At this moment, Jiang Muye pushed the door open and entered. Used to the situation, he said, "Leave the food here, and leave her alone, she’ll be fine after a while."

"Oh." Only then did Xiao Tao put down the boxed lunch and scurry off, still a little frightened. Ning Xi’s appearance just now was really terrifying, as if she had been possessed.

About five minutes later, Ning Xi got rid of her possessed state, and quickly came back to her senses.

She stretched, twisted her neck, and complained, "F***! I went too deep this time, I almost couldn’t come back!"

Jiang Muye looked askance at her with a black face. "Can’t you be content? Other people who want to act at your level would need at least several months to come back! Some might even go crazy with it! But for you, you came back in less than an hour, what more do you want? You beast!"

Because he had been "dead" the whole time in the scene just now, he didn’t know how Ning Xi had done. When he especially went to watch the playback, he had been completely stunned!

He almost felt Ning Xi’s love for him, as deep as the ocean and which would last forever!

"Hm, where’s my Sister Zhizhi? I haven't asked Sister Zhizhi about her evaluation of me!" Ning Xi panicked.

As soon as she said it, Lin Zhizhi pushed the door open just then and came in. She was looking at her watch, and she said with a rushed expression, "Ning Xi, I’m going back to the company in the afternoon, will you be okay by yourself?"

"Ah? So you’re leaving!" Ning Xi was a little disappointed.

"Because I’m already not needed here," Ling Zhizhi said with a rare smile.

Hearing her words, Ning Xi was completely refreshed on the spot; this was undoubtedly the greatest affirmation of her skills and the greatest trust Sister Zhizhi had in her!

"Then go ahead, go ahead! I’ll be fine myself. I’ll be good!"

"Mm, if there’s anything, contact me anytime."

"Okay, I’ll walk you out!"

After Ning Xi walked Ling Zhizhi out and returned with a spring in her step, Jiang Muye looked at her disdainfully. "Look at your smarmy behavior!"

Ning Xi returned his disdainful look. "Hmph, you’re just jealous that my relationship with Sister Zhizhi is so good! As a matter of fact, I need to thank you. It’s because she had to endure scum like you, that Sister Zhizhi cherishes me this obedient baby more."

Jiang Muye sneered coldly, his expression saying that she was just too simple and naive. "Go ahead and be pleased with yourself! You’re going to have a difficult time in the future! Do you think that woman is easygoing? When the time comes and you’re tormented until you start crying for your parents, don’t say I didn’t warn you!"

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