Chapter 399: An Unexpected Ending

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Chapter 399: An Unexpected Ending

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Ning Xi allowed herself a small grin, carefully wiping off the dust from the garment. Tsk, now she'll need to give it a good wash as it was dirtied by all their hands…

This was a gift from the boss!

How could she possibly give it to Su Yimo as compensation!?

She would still need to pay it back anyhow even if it was taken!

Sometime after Su Yimo had left, the onlookers started talking amongst themselves in confusion…

"Uh, is that it?"

"I guessed what would happen at first..but I definitely did not expect the ending…"

"And, did you guys realize that in the end, Ning Xi just had to go back home, come back with a few words, and she got off the hook without needing to pay anything…"

"You’re right!"

As the crowd dispersed, Bai Lu came back to her senses, and she went up to Ning Xi anxiously, "Ning Xi…"

"Hmm? Sis Bai Lu!" Ning Xi carefully folded the nightgown and put it into her bag.

Bai Lu’s brows knitted, "Ning Xi, even though the matter is settled now, you’ve offended them today. What if they trouble you later on?"

Ning Xi smiled, "Sis Bai Lu, do you think that they wouldn’t cause trouble for me even if I hadn’t offend them?"

Bai Lu shook her head.


With the drama Ning Xi caused today, she had a conflict of interest with Su Yimo, so no matter how careful she was, trouble would be inevitable...

"Furthermore, you can relax now. Su Yimo cares about her image a lot. While the matter almost got out of hand today, it'd be very obvious if she got back at you too soon. So, at least in the short term, you’re safe!"

What Ning Xi did not mention was that their ill feelings were probably focused on her now, and they would not have time to mind about Bai Lu…

Bai Lu bowed to her gratefully, "Ning Xi, I’m really thankful for you today! If not, I’d have been kicked out of the company!"

"Sis Bai Lu, you’re welcome! I didn’t really do much, we’re in the same boat!" She noticed bruises on Bai Lu’s knees as a result of the kneeling earlier, "Sis Bai Lu, are you alright? Do you want to get those knees checked out at the hospital?"

Bai Lu quickly shook her head, "It’s okay, it's just a small injury!"

She felt a little uneasy, "Ning Xi, you should just call me by my name normally. You don’t have to add a "Sis" in front. I’m not qualified for that…"

Ning Xi smiled, "You’re more senior than I am. Isn’t it normal for me to call you "Sis"? Furthermore, I really like your works: "Crimson River", "Green Mango", "The Place Where The Wind Blows"...I’ve seen them all! Your acting's great!"

Bai Lu was shocked, "'ve seen my films before?"

These works were the few that had featured more of her scenes, but they were too artistic and were not really favored by the public. Plus, she had bad luck and did not win any awards from these films.

Ning Xi nodded, "I’ve seen them! Your acting is really unique, especially when it comes to the details. I’ve purposely studied them before. It's too bad you have such a small portfolio...but it’s okay! I’ve watched your new release "Listen", and I think that the chances of it winning an award are pretty high! You can then participate in more films to showcase more of your acting to the public!"

Bai Lu was really surprised by Ning Xi.

She now believed that Ning Xi had really seen her work before, otherwise, she would not have known so much about her acting.

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