Chapter 649: A Dumbfounding Situation

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Chapter 649: A Dumbfounding Situation

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Obviously, Lu Tingxiao was well-versed in psychology. First, he requested for a demand that the opposite party would never agree to, then he revealed what he really wanted, which made things sound much easier.

Minister Naka was helpless at the moment. "Five tanks, plus two fighter jets with a 300-strong armed troop. This force should be enough to wipe out Philadelphia. No problems, right, Mr. Lu?"

"Sure," Lu Tingxiao answered.

Looking at Minister Naka's forlorn expression, Lu Tingxiao assured, "Don't worry, Minister Naka, I will bear whatever compensation if any loss happens, in fact, just as I said before, I would try my best to resolve the issue peacefully."

"With your promise, Mr. Lu, I feel assured. Please do try." Minister Naka let his men open the door before he got into the helicopter with Lu Tingxiao and flew towards the nearest military fortress.

In Philadelphia.

At that moment, Augustine was carried by several brawny men as they ran towards the outskirts of Philadelphia.

Their band of more than a hundred men had dwindled down to 20 odd people and the clothes on them had been shredded clean.

Feng Xiaoxiao and Tang Ye still had some doubts, so they captured about seventy to eighty of his men, stripped them of their weapons, then let Augustine bring enough money for their ransom. Feng Xiaoxiao actually got her people to remove all of their clothes!

Augustine's pants were colored in carmine red blood while the lower region of his body had been destroyed by Tang Ye.

"Satan, Tang Ye, I will have you guys die horribly!" Augustine snarled, violence blazing in his eyes. If looks could kill, Satan, Tang Ye and everyone else would have died much earlier and multiple times too. Sadly, glaring intently could not maim, much less, kill them.

"Boss, what do we do now? Philadelphia's police force is a bunch of useless kittens. They looked at Satan like they had seen a ghost and ran away faster than anyone. They have really screwed us over!" asked one of the brawny men who carried Augustine carefully.

Actually, everyone knew very well that the person who had screwed them over was none other than Augustine himself. If it had not been because of his insistence to mess with Satan's woman, everyone would not have ended up like this.

Augustine's nether regions were ruined by Tang Ye. In order to let Augustine live, Tang Ye and Feng Xiaoxiao actually brought a doctor over to conduct surgery on Augustine, sewing up the wound and even injected painkillers!

Compared to his ears which were sliced off, his nether regions were much more important!

"I will have them pay a million times worse! I want to let Satan, Tang Ye and the rest of them die horribly. Do you hear me? They will die horribly!!!" Augustine roared.

When they heard this, his men shook their heads. Satan was a reputable figure and was nicknamed King of the Night. Even his man, Tang Ye alone, could easily kill Augustine. What could Augustine seek revenge with? His mouth?

A plan was already hatching in Augustine's mind. He would first inform the seniors about this; they definitely would not leave him to die! Until then...

Suddenly, deep rumbles were heard across the sky and the night was lit up.

Two fighter jets were actually circling the Philadelphia sky, while a huge beam shone in every corner hunting for something.

"Where's that helicopter from?"

"Helicopter...? That's a weird sound it's making. Damn it, that's a militant fighter jet!!!!"

It was not sure who in particular shouted this, but everyone else inspected closely and turned pale. Those were indeed fighter jets. In fact, those were American fighter jets!

"What's going on? Why would these American fighter jets appear in Philadelphia?!" one of the men asked, breaking out in cold sweat.

He thought to himself, "Could the American government want to wipe out the gangsters in Philadelphia?!"

However, based on their group activities, there was no way they would have attracted the attention of the American government. Besides, America was currently engaged in war, so how could they be wasting militant resources on little Philadelphia?

That...that was definitely American fighter jets though, no mistake about that!

"Militant tanks!"

Within a few breaths, several large tanks slowly lumbered into sight. The huge cannons had muzzle brakes on them and they could only imagine what it would be like if the cannon was fired...

There were two fighter jets in the air and five American tanks on the ground!

Augustine and the rest were thoroughly dumbfounded on the spot. They were itching to know what exactly was happening...

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