Chapter 699: Boss Is The Best!

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Chapter 699: Boss Is The Best!

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Hu Hongda panicked at the thought of losing everything and he quickly tried to cover up. "Dear...dear, can you please forgive me again? I promise I’ll never lie to you again!"

It was only at this moment he started to remind himself of what Ming Fangfang had done for him all along. Aside from not bearing a child for him, she was beautiful and generous, she never complained about being by his side, she took care of his daily lifestyle habits, and most importantly, she was extremely helpful in his business…

No! He could not afford to divorce Ming Fangfang now!

"Dear, this is the last time, I swear!"

Ming Fangfang did not trust him blindly this time. She stared at him coldly and said, "Huh, not lying anymore? Okay, then tell me, why are you trying to protect that woman?"

Ming Fangfang was forcing an answer out of him.

"I…" Hu Hongda panicked even more, sweat trickling down his face. "I was just seduced by that woman and was unable to think rationally in the thick of the moment!"

Ming Fangfang lost her final spark of hope she had in this man. "Lies...all you did was lie to me! That woman is pregnant! She’s pregnant, am I right?!" Ming Fangfang yelled uncontrollably at him.

Aside from this reason, she could not think of anything else that would make this man, who prioritized profit, to protect that woman.

"I…" Hu Hongda knew he could not hide it anymore and he picked the path of defense instead. "Fangfang, I’m a man! How can any man stand not having descendants? You can’t get pregnant and my parents have been nagging me about it everyday…"

"So, that’s why you cheated? That’s why you betrayed me? That’s why you fooled me with that witch? Hu Hongda! Don’t you know how I treated you all these years? Just because I can't bear your child? How dare you?!"


"If you wanted a child this badly, why didn’t you just divorce me and find someone who could bear your child? If you were to tell me straight away, I would have agreed instantly. Why did you say that you loved me and didn’t care about having a child?!"

"Dear, I...listen to me…"

"You’re just afraid that losing me will cost you your protection from the Ming family! Is that why you acted like you love me? Have you been such a jerk all along?!" Ming Fangfang lost control of her emotions and swept everything off the table.

Lu Tingxiao shielded Ning Xi so that she would not get cut by the shattered glass pieces that crashed to the floor.

Ming Fangfang felt an indescribable anguish when she saw Lu Tingxiao’s protective gesture...

Seeing the both of them leaving, Ming Fangfang took a deep breath and bowed her head. "Ning Xi, I’m sorry, I misunderstood you."

Ning Xi looked back and saw the proud Ming Fangfang with her crushed, lonely soul…

Outside of the restaurant.

Ning Xi felt bad for Ming Fangfang, so she spouted, "All men are evil!"

Lu Tingxiao was speechless.

She suddenly remembered the devil was still beside her and she quickly turned to him. "Except Boss! Boss is the best!"

Lu Tingxiao looked into Ning Xi’s eyes as he held her in his arms. "I won’t do that."


"I won’t force you to bear a child."

"Of course you won’t, you already have a son…"

"I won’t betray you either."

Ning Xi looked up at his face and murmured, "I believe you."

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