Chapter 751: Who’s The Fool Here!?

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Chapter 751: Who’s The Fool Here!?

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"You...what did you say? Defeat you?" Lu Xinyan was stunned by the proposal. She did not understand what Ning Xi meant.

Mo Lingtian was surprised as well.

Ning Xi blinked her eyes again as if she could not fathom why they did not understand her. "Shooting! I realized that you guys don’t really like me here. So, let’s do it this way. If anyone can beat me in shooting, I’ll break up with Lu Tingxiao. But if I win, please be friendlier the next time you see me!"

So, all of them wanted to save Lu Tingxiao from her. Alright! Ning Xi would give them a chance!

Everyone was dumbfounded by Ning Xi’s suggestion.

What...what did this woman just say? Was she out of her mind?

It was such a difficult feat to get together with Lu Tingxiao and she had done something no woman in Imperial had, but her impulsiveness made her bet her relationship with Lu Tingxiao?

They thought a celebrity like her would be considerate and good at reading others, so she would not go looking for trouble if she could actually think.

But...this woman was crazy!

How stupid! And how sad for Lu Tingxiao…

No one expected things would develop into such a situation. It almost drove Mo Lingtian mad. "Little bunny, what are you doing? Just wait until Lu Tingxiao comes back and everything will be fine! Why are you doing this? Do you really want to break up with Lu Tingxiao? Are you crazy?!"

While the others may not have known, only Mo Lingtian understood how serious Lu Tingxiao was about this girl. He was really into her. Although he did not understand what was so special about her, he had no comments about his brother’s choice.

Lu Xinyan digested Ning Xi’s words as she chewed on her lower lip. Although slightly unbelievable, this woman was this stupid all along! She had initially thought that getting rid of her would be troublesome, but was it really as easy as this?

"Are you for real?" Lu Xinyan confirmed her doubts with her.

"Yes!" Ning Xi nodded.

"Okay, then we’re set. I’ve recorded down what you said just now, so there's no going back on your word!" Lu Xinyan was satisfied now. "Let’s get started!"

Ning Xi stopped her. "Wait."

"Why? Regretting already?" Lu Xinyan glowered.

"I’m just trying to reiterate what I said. I said as long as anyone here beats me, so you have to select someone to compete with me!" Ning Xi said.

"Fine, fine, I’ll do it!" Lu Xinyan did not take her seriously at all.

For a newbie who got a score of 6.3 points, she would be more than easy to beat!

"Consider it well. I’d suggest you find the best among your group to compete with me. If not, don’t complain that I wasn't being fair!"

Everyone was speechless by Ning Xi’s words. Where did her sky-high confidence come from?

Lu Xinyan was huffing impatiently but as she was about to insist on her participation, Guan Ziyao came over and tapped her shoulder. "Xinyan, let me do it."

Lu Xinyan looked at Guan Ziyao and frowned a little. "Sis Ziyao, she’s not worthy of being your opponent!"

Guan Ziyao replied, "Just being cautious."

Lu Xinyan thought about it. It was such a high chance of beating her but it would be best to reduce any chances of an accident, so Guan Ziyao was the best candidate.

Sis Ziyao was the person that was worthy of punishing this idiot woman!

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