Chapter 753: I Would Never Lose You!

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Chapter 753: I Would Never Lose You!

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Mo Lingtian was stunned. "Damn it! Guan Ziyao, you monster! Do you really have to do this?"

She had achieved such high scores just to fend Ning Xi off. If his memory served him well, it was her first time getting such high scores.

Mo Lingtian’s expression darkened as he thought about it while intensely looking at the woman with the gun in her hands. Although everyone loved to put Guan Ziyao and Lu Tingxiao as a couple together, he knew both of them well and he understood that they were just friends.

But he was not sure now after Guan Ziyao had returned.

The way Guan Ziyao was behaving seemed to be pointing towards what everyone suggested…

"Ziyao, you’re the best!"

"How did you do that? Amazing!"

Everyone was impressed by her marksmanship. They then looked at Ning Xi expectantly and waited for her to embarrass herself. Just how was she going to handle this?

Lu Xinyan went up to her like a triumphant rooster, even puffing her chest slightly. "Look at that, one 9.9 and two 10 pointers! What more do you have to say?"

Ning Xi glanced at her and shrugged. "I have nothing to say."

"Hmph, good! Remember what you said. You’re going to break up with my cousin. There are plenty of witnesses here!"

Lu Xinyan was not afraid of her going back on her words. She believed that this woman would not be so shameless. If she were to break her promise, she would never be respected in Lu Tingxiao’s circle of friends ever again!

Mo Lingtian feebly spoke, "It’s just a game, don’t take it so seriously. You can’t just decide for Lu Tingxiao this way."

Lu Xinyan stomped her feet angrily and demanded, "Bro Tian, what’s wrong with you? Why do you keep defending this woman?"

Guan Ziyao also frowned and looked at Mo Lingtian unhappily.

Mo Lingtian clenched his teeth and went up to Ning Xi to plead, "Quickly tell everyone that you’re just joking. Do you really plan to break up with Lu Tingxiao?"

Ning Xi grumbled, "Of course not!"

Mo Lingtian would have yelled at her if she was not Lu Tingxiao’s girlfriend. Instead, he suppressed his anger and ground his teeth. "Then, what are you doing? Why didn’t you listen to me just now? What're you going to do now?"

"Hey, don’t you dare break your promise right now! I’ll never forgive you! A shameless woman who goes back on her words is never worthy of becoming my cousin-in-law!"

Mo Lingtian was trying to come up with a plan to salvage the situation but Lu Xinyan would not stop pestering Ning Xi…

The situation was chaotic…

Suddenly, everyone went silent. Lu Tingxiao was back.

As soon as Lu Xinyan saw Lu Tingxiao, she quickly went up to him and tattled on Ning Xi, "Cousin! This woman made a bet with us just now. If we beat her at shooting, then she'll break up with you! She already lost to Sis Ziyao! She actually used you as her betting chip! How hideous!"

"What?" Lu Tingxiao froze when he heard what Lu Xinyan said.

Crap! Why was the devil always there when she was misbehaving?!

Ning Xi was troubled. Just a moment ago, she was still relaxed. As if trying to get it over and done with, she quickly stood up and shot the target without even looking at it. Bang! Bang! Bang!

She then tossed away the gun and went to Lu Tingxiao, blinking and softening her features. "I’d never lose you!"

The counter rang.

The scores were presented:

10 points!

10 points!

10 points!

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