Chapter 758: The Devil Was Just Too Sweet!

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Chapter 758: The Devil Was Just Too Sweet!

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"Zhuang Liaoyuan...who is this man?" Why did this name sound a little familiar?

"You remember Zhuang Keer, one of your rivals? That's her father! Now, you know," Mo Lingtian said.

She had heard that the Zhuang family wanted to matchmake Zhuang Keer with Lu Tingxiao, but there was obviously no chance of that now.

Who knew that they would unexpectedly bump into Zhuang Liaoyuan here today? And Zhuang Liaoyuan had almost poached Lu Tingxiao's treasure away...

However, there was a benefit out of this. Now that Zhuang Liaoyuan knew Lu Tingxiao had a girlfriend, he probably would not think about matchmaking them again!

"What? Zhuang Liaoyuan? That legendary major general? I heard that he was the special task force's head sniper when he was younger. His father, Zhuang Zhongren's marksmanship was extraordinary as well. Their family has quite a few sharpshooters!"

"Yeah! Sadly, Zhuang Liaoyuan's own sons and daughters never joined the army! This is probably one of his life's biggest regrets!"

"Especially the son. As Imperial's infamous rich playboy, he already started to stir up trouble at such a young age. The Zhuang family has such good genes. How did that punk's genes suddenly change?"


As she listened to the discussion around her, Ning Xi finally knew who the Chief was.

Zhuang Keer's father, Zhuang Liaoyuan...

Technically, he was her uncle by blood.

This was such a coincidence!


Outside the shooting range, Zhuang Liaoyuan hopped on a militant SUV and looked somewhat absentminded.

A moment later, he said to the guard beside him, "Xiao Chen, help me investigate that girl's background."

Xiao Chen nodded, "Yes, Chief!"

Zhuang Liaoyuan looked out of the car window as the scenery passed by in a whirl, sighing in sorrow. The Zhuang family had enlisted in the army for several generations until the generation after his. His daughter, Zhuang Keer, was not interested in weaponry or the army at all. She had been raised by her mother to be a lady. His son, Zhuang Rongguang, was an even more useless child he wished he had not had...

Now that he had met a girl who had such an unexpected talent in shooting, he felt both emotional and envious. He wondered who her parents could be...


In the shooting range, Ning Xi was still staring at the name card when it was whooshed out of her hands unexpectedly.

Lu Tingxiao had taken it away.

Ning Xi instantly puffed up her cheeks and looked up at him. "Lu Tingxiao, why did you take my name card?"

"You don't need this. If you want to go, I'll bring you," Lu Tingxiao said with a poker face.

Ning Xi naturally knew what he was thinking and she could not help but laugh. "Don't worry! My biggest hobbies in this lifetime is acting and you. I won't hook up with some army general. How could I bear to leave you?"

"Mmm," the devil indicated his satisfaction towards Ning Xi's reply.

Lu Xinyan felt angry as she watched the two of them acting so lovey-dovey. Ning Xi had even unexpectedly been favored by Zhuang Liaoyuan. "Bro, even if she won this time, it is a fact that she used you as a bet! This woman does not respect you at all! She doesn't even care about you! Bro, haven't you ever thought what would happen if she lost?"

Lu Tingxiao shot her a cold look then said stonily, "I will go back to her myself." Lu Xinyan expression was gloomy and Mo Lingtian almost fell over. His answer was too savage!

Guan Ziyao, who was watching from the sidelines, bit her lip. Lu Tingxiao had already lost all his principles with this woman.

Ning Xi, on the other hand, was so touched that she felt tears well up in her eyes. Even if she lost him, he would come back to her himself. The devil was just too sweet!

For the devil, she would be obedient from now on. No more nonsense!

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