Chapter 801: My Value Rises With The Child

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Chapter 801: My Value Rises With The Child

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The elder carefully held the little boy’s hand. "That’s right...this is a descendent of the Ning family...I can feel it…"

The elder shifted all his attention onto Little Treasure as he held Little Treasure’s hand and stared at him. "He really...looks like Xiao Xi...look at his eyes...and his nose…"

The elder kept on saying that Little Treasure looked just like Ning Xi…

However, Ning Xi was thinking to herself, "Was Little Treasure not identical to Lu Tingxiao? How could he possibly look like her?"

"Xiao Xi, please take the child outside first. I have something to say to him in private." The elder looked at Lu Tingxiao with a serious expression.

"You sure you don’t want to rest now, Grandfather? Don’t overexert yourself!" Ning Xi gently scolded him.

"It’s alright, I’m not tired yet. Or are you afraid that I’ll swallow him whole?"

"Ning Xi, take Little Treasure outside first," Lu Tingxiao told Ning Xi.

Ning Xi looked at Lu Tingxiao helplessly, then she led Little Treasure out.

In the hospital room, the elder stared at the man in front of him. "What’s up with you and Xiao Xi?"

"We were going to get married when we realized Xiao Xi was pregnant, but due to some misunderstanding, we got separated...until we reunited five years ago…

Lu Tingxiao finally came out after making Ning Xi wait for half an hour.

"How was it?" Ning Xi went up to him.

"Grandfather asked you to go in with Little Treasure, he wants to see him again."

"Oh…" Ning Xi quickly brought Little Treasure in.

As she was about to talk to the elder, he looked past her and focused on Little Treasure before speaking in a gentle tone, "Little Treasure, how old are you?"

Little Treasure quickly wrote [Five] on his writing board.

"Are you going to school?"

[Going to kindergarten now]

"Do your father and your mother have a good relationship?"


Ning Xi was worried that Little Treasure might have problems communicating with Grandfather, but they interacted well on their own. In fact, she was the third wheel in the room.

The elder, who was weak earlier, seemed much more refreshed.

Who knew what Lu Tingxiao told the elder and what explanation could he have given? After the elder talked to Little Treasure, he spoke to Ning Xi, "Xiao Xi, you must treasure Lu Tingxiao. It’s not easy to meet a man that really loves you!"

"I will, Grandfather."

"I know that you’re focusing on your career, but don’t neglect the people around you, alright?"

"Oh, okay…"

After they left the hospital, Ning Xi was confused. "Hey Lu Tingxiao, what did you say to my grandfather? Why was he suddenly on your side? He was all over you! Logically speaking, he’d be frustrated that you made me pregnant, shouldn't he?"

"Do you really want to know?" Lu Tingxiao looked at her.

Ning Xi nodded. "Yes."

"My value rises with the child."

Ning Xi was speechless.

This could not be anymore...accurate...

"I told Grandfather that we’re not marrying right now, considering your career, but we can do it anytime as soon as you say 'yes'."

"Uh…" That was mean! That basically meant that he was putting all the blame on Ning Xi? But it did not seem wrong…

"That’s all? What else did you say?" Ning Xi felt that he was not telling her everything.

Lu Tingxiao looked at her and said slowly, "I told Grandfather that we plan to have another three to five children."

Ning Xi almost choked. "Three to five? That’s too many!"

This was unexpected! This guy...he was good at dealing with the elders!

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